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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Black Like Mitt

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney put on his magic underwear yesterday to speak to the cursed decedents of Cain at the NAACP. Let's take a look:

Oops! Wrong video! Okay, here it is:

The news media has been all a flitter about how Romney got booed for 14-15 seconds upon mentioning his plans to appeal "Obamacare". Booing isn't much of an anomaly at Mitt Romney events, however it's usually audience members that are booed for asking Mitt "tough" questions:

Yeah, that's's like watching Invasion of the Body Snatchers-- among a sea of mindless Republicans, the ones with common sense and non-ass-kissy questions get booed and shouted down. This time, however, the boo's were coming straight from the "black" lion's den!

Here's the deal-- many people have already called out this appearance as a very calculated move. It's a way to show is base that he can confront those blacks on their turf and let 'em have it! It's the Southern Strategy in full effect! Look at the video-- he couldn't help but smile when he was booed, and the smile got wider the longer the boos went on! Saying "Obamacare" in front of the NAACP is like saying "gun rights" at an NRA meeting; you know DAMN RIGHT WELL that word, or the sentiment, would not play at all. This booing video will spread like wildfire among his base, and they will EAT IT UP! And that's the thing-- it will only really play with his base. I think so-called Independents and Swing Voters will not be moved or impressed.

It is said that Republicans are not racist, but racist DO flock to the Republican party. Time and time again, that is proven to be true. And Republican politicians KNOW this. That's why The Southern Strategy is so effective. Just listen to how Romney responded to the boo's on Fox News:

"...if 'they' want free stuff, 'they' can vote for the other guy." How do you like THAT shit? You only need to know American history to know what all this means. Sure, you'll hear enough white folks out there who will disavow that these things are happening-- like the "voter fraud" legislation getting passed in many states. When you have more instances of UFO sightings than fraud, that will tell you how disingenuous these concerns are:

Do you see? It's a plan to disenfranchise the votes of minority, young, elderly, and poor voters. How interesting is it that in Texas, one of the states with new voter ID legislation, that you can use a gun permit to vote...but not school ID.

Personally, I am not the least bit impressed my Twit Romney's NAACP adventure. He displayed absolutely no intention of trying to get the so-called "black vote". Especially when you find out that he went so far as to bring is own posse of Uncle Toms rich black Republicans to help out with some of his applause lines. I think it's funny how Republicans feel that they find in necessary to try to purposely fill the room with ass-kissers, as opposed to finding a way to gain support organically.

Romney said, "...if only there was a way to articulate to you what is in my heart, you would vote for me." I have an idea about how to make that happen, Mitt...TELL US!!!!!  The problem is that you do NOT want, or care, about support from the black community. And that's fine-- you certainly would not be the first, and won't be the last. I'll tell you this-- playing politics with a respected civil rights organization to try to score points with you white bigot base is craven and cowardly, and is yet another reason why you do not deserve to be President of the United States.

"Who let the dogs out?" YOU did.

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