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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Obama's Bin Laden Ad: What's the BFD?

I have heard complaint after complaint about this ad that the Obama campaign has been running regarding the death of Osama Bin Laden. I've heard the GOP whine. I've heard Arriana Huffington jeer. So I figured, if this ad is pissing everyone off so much, then it MUST BE something really hard core and inappropriate; I should watch it!

Really? That's it? This is what people have been bitching about? Talk about much ado about nothing-- this is REALLY nothing! I mean, it's SOMETHING. Barry O. did what presidents from Clinton to Bush could not-- he ordered the death of bin Laden, and got it. It was truly a 60-40 chance that the intelligence was wrong, that Seal Team 6 could have failed...the lost a helicopter during the raid, so that MUST have been horrifying in that moment. But they saw it through, they found bin Laden, and the President gave the order. Done deal. So, this is a bad thing to bring up...why?

I mean, look-- it's no "Mission Accomplished" banner, right?

It's no "swift boat" campaign, right?

I really don't understand why the Obama campaign wouldn't, or shouldn't, present this mission as a case for the president's re-election. The Romney campaign is very big on talking about how the President couldn't possibly run on his record-- which is bullshit. This mission to take out bin Laden IS part of his record. That talking point about how soft Democrats are on terrorism or foreign policy died in that villa in Pakistan, along with that murderous bastard.

You wanna try to tell me that if a Republican president had managed to have bin Laden killed on their watch that they wouldn't publicize it? Hell, they'd have hoist his body on a float and toured it around the country, with Ted Nugent performing whatever bullshit he performs. So please, people...enough with the whiney nonsense. The president was responsible for initiating a new mission to find bin Laden, and it was successful. Period. He SHOULD BE proud of that-- we ALL should be. Clinton had the chance, and he didn't take it.

Bush decided that he didn't care. now people want to shit on President Obama for even MENTIONING that his administration was able to get the man that spearheaded the deaths of over 3,000 people? Fools. Hypocrites. Babies.

Joe Biden said it best: GM is alive, and bin Laden is dead. Those are two things that Mitt Romney didn't believe in. I'd say that's pretty fair to run on...

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