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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

John Travolta's New Gay Scandal

Time and time again, we see news stories with the words "John Travolta" and "gay" mentioned happily together. And the hits just keep on comin'! This time, courtesy of TMZ, who obtained the documents of a lawsuit brought about by a masseur who claims to have been groped, molested, and sexually assaulted by Mr. Travolta.

According to the $200/hour masseur "John Doe", he was picked up by Travolta in a black Lexus SUV, brought to Travolta's bungalow at a hotel in Beverly Hills, and after the first hour of the massage, was getting his "shaft" and "scrotum" touched and fondled by Travolta. Allegedly, JT was "semi-erect" at the beginning of the encounter. When the masseur turned away Johnny's advances, he was alleged to have said: "Come on dude, I'll jerk you off!!!"

Allegedly, Travolta was on the table masturbating with a "fully-erect" penis " roughly 8-inch in length" with "wirey and unkempt" pubic hair. The masseur also said that Travolta made the following statement:

"Hollywood is controlled by homosexual Jewish men who expect favors in return for sexual activity."
 John Doe still refused, claiming that he did not have sex with clients. Travolta then called him "selfish" and a "loser," doubled his hourly rate, and that was that. He also left John Doe with a little bit of advice; that he had to learn to "lick some ass", and he could make millions of dollars.

In addition (as if we needed to learn more), Mr. Travolta had claimed that he was not gay, and that the "taste of cum" makes him "gag"...but that he was smart enough to learn to enjoy it...and that the millions of dollars he made was well worth it.

Well, ladies and gentlemen...I can say this, especially about that last bit. I know plenty of women and gay men that don't like the "taste of cum" either. It's not really made for eating or drinking or whatever, so that's understandable. Besides that, I understand that diet is responsible for the taste-- but that's beside the point. The point is...HE'S GAY. At the VERY LEAST, he's bi-sexual. But he is most definitely NOT a straight, heterosexual man. And you know what? THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!! The only thing that IS wrong is that he's fucking around on his wife, and that is not cool AT ALL. If he just got a divorce, he could have ALL THE C*CK he could ever want!!! He wouldn't have to sneak around with masseurs he trolls around for on the internet.

John Doe is suing for $2 million dollars. My guess is he'll settle for something is the high six figures.

Travolta's people deny this event, of course.  They made a statement on E! Online:

"This lawsuit is complete fiction and fabrication," it reads. "None of the events claimed in the suit ever occurred. The plaintiff, who refuses to give their name, knows that the suit is a baseless lie...On that date when plaintiff claims John met him, John was not in California and it can be proved that he was on the East Coast. Plaintiff's attorney has filed this suit to try and get his 15 minutes of fame. John intends to get this case thrown out and then he will sue the attorney and Plaintiff for malicious prosecution."

 Uh-huh. If this is a lie, then John Doe should be a screenwriter instead of a masseur.

And to Mrs. Kelly Preston, I say PLEASE do yourself and your family a favor...and GET A DIVORCE!!!!!!

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