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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The 21st Century Racists Claim They Are Not Racists

Gone are the days when racist white folks proudly trumpeted their opinions, and owned up to them! Nowadays, the white racist denies his/her own racism! It's a nifty attempt at a trick that they've picked up from Republican politicians-- you see...all you have to do is deny the label someone has given you. You deny it, even if it's true-- especially in cases like this, when you couldn't possibly read their minds!

The most recent example of "the new racism" is from Patrick Lanzo, the owner of The Georgia Peach Oyster Bar. This gutless turd of a coward is brazen enough to plaster the word "nigger" on  the sign outside his bar-- and he's done this MANY times-- but when confronted about it, he pleads ignorance (which wouldn't be hard for someone like this).  Check out this news item from Fox News affiliate "My Fox" in Atlanta:

I'm just surprised that no one's just destroyed that thing. I'm sure now that it's been shown on television, someone will. Not that I agree with the destruction of someone's property. But he's right-- he had the right to put that sign up, regardless of how moronic he looks...and he DOES look moronic.

By the way, this is the home page of his website:

 I love how he misspells "original" not once, but TWICE (the red type in the top right corner moves around with the mouse). He clearly states that it's a "Klan" bar...and I'm actually surprised that he spelled THAT right! You've got to hand it to the racists...and when I say "it", I mean a diploma of some sort...because they're REALLY, really dumb.

You have to read this article about the bar from seven years ago. There's some GREAT STUFF to be found there, such as a quote from one of his waitresses:

[Theresa] Turner, an occasional waitress at the Georgia Peach, chirped, "We get the bikers and the Klan and the skinheads. They're different, not what you'd expect. The Klan guys, well, they're just ignorant. But the skinheads are very intellectual, which is a surprise at first. The bikers are the best. They tip a lot and they're fun."

"Intellectual" skin-heads, eh? You know, I knew a few skin heads in high school, and I can tell you..."intellectual" is NOT the word I would use to describe them. "Intelect-less"...THAT'S a good word (albeit made up...)! Then Lanzo makes a classic "non-racist" racist statement:
Lanzo contends he isn't racist. "If I am, then I'm racist against everybody, not just one group." He has supported gay rights -- while calling gays "queers," "fags" and "lickers."
Yeah-- gotta throw in the "fags", huh? Idiocracy, thy name is Patrick Lanzo.

Like the white folks in that video say, everyone has the right to their opinions. These are the same white folks that would absolutely cringe at some of the things that I've written on this and other blogs. That's the funny thing to me-- there are some white folks that complain about things that I write about. Some even call me a racist. I couldn't disagree more-- but not in the same way that this yokel would. The only thing that I do is point out the never-ending racial hypocrisy and inequality that exists in this country, and I speak of it in very blunt terms. And some cannot handle that...but they would look at this story, and say the same things that some of those folks in the video say..."It's a free country." "You can't do anything about what people think or believe." "You don't live there, so why do you care?"  It's all a helpless situation, until the microscope is put on you...THEN it's a problem.

Well, as long as it's a free country....I guess I'll be continuing to tell our stories. Like it or not...I just don't give a f*ck.

I'm just that kind of nigger.

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Shak said...

LOL! Today's racist is so cowardly. You know what, bring it on, say what you want, but say it, to my face, and mean it instead of using the "I apologize IF this offended you" or "I don't hate people, I'm just exercising free speech" BS "excuse." You see, I like my racists real honest, real bold, that way I don't have to spend any time wondering if they really meant to say or do what they did, or did they not know any better. What I find interesting is that if the shoe were on the other foot, so J Edgar Hoover, number-one-enemy shit investigation would be going on. There would be a shoot to kill order 'cause "they mean to kill us 'cause they hate us" shit going on- if any person of color was as openly honest with their -ism toward white people. This may be the Bronx in me - even though my own Bx folks have no problem calling this black girl a white girl - but 'say that shit to my face' and deal with the repercussions is my thing. There are way too many COWARDS hiding behind the "freedom of speech (but I don't really mean it)", fake-azz apologies, "my-maid-was-black-and-I-loved-her more-than-my-own-mother" BS.

I'm cool with white folks, I just can't stand racists, and you know what, I'm exercising my freedom of speech by stating that!