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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vaginal Bleaching

What IS IT with the people in India, and their skin-bleaching fetishes?! As if the idea of skin bleaching wasn't gross enough...then anal bleaching comes along, and that's just,'s time to perk up that labia with "vaginal bleaching". VAGINAL BLEACHING. What. The. F**K?!

Look, I don't want to pick on India too much. There was a time in America when black folks were bleaching their skin and straightening their hair:

 ...well, actually, some would say that there are black folks STILL doing that!

 Ugly and ridiculous. But I don't think you will EVER see a commercial like this running on American television:

Can you believe that crazy shit?! This is some of the worst self-hating garbage that I've seen since Ted Haggard!


So freaking sad-- these people are victims of the same 'ol Western/European ideals of beauty-- "It's all right, if it's light/white!" Awful. But I digress...

We're talking about vaginal bleaching, after all:

I love how they show the "black coffee". I mean COME ON! Really?! This is a problem?! I can tell you from experience, that I've never looked at a woman's vajayjay, and said "Damn, I wished she would bleach this damn thing...!"

2012, people. We are in the 21st century, and black and brown people are STILL obsessed with being lighter?! Now, this is coming from a light-skinned person-- so, I can't tell you from experience how it feels for dark skinned people to feel like they are unattractive...which is INSANE to me. My dad was dark skinned, as is his side of the family-- but I never looked at any of them differently. I've had dark skinned girlfriends, and never thought they were unattractive. All of this is so sad and horrifying...

Of course, we can look at how white people are constantly tanning themselves. Some are as obsessed about changing their skin tone as these Indian (and Jamaican) folks are. I think that's crazy, too.  Seems to me like NO ONE is really happy about their appearance. It's funny to me how the whites don't wanna be white, and the black/brown don't wanna be who they are either. Granted, this is not EVERYONE...but it's enough to wonder why this is so important to people.

I'm going to do the lame thing, and blame the media. I don't think black and brown people see enough of their own beauty on television and in movies. Western media especially seems to focus more on fairer complexions with regards to black folks. The most famous black faces out there are light-skinned. On the white side, you have shows like Jersey Shore that glamorize tanning. And hip-hop culture also has a lot of white kids wanting to "be more black"-- but, then again, that's been an issue with white kids for decades.

I guess as long as there's a means, people will always be trying to alter their appearance. I just wish that everyone could just leave their skin alone-- ESPECIALLY black/brown folks. We have enough issues to deal with; self-hatred shouldn't be one of them.

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Geometeer said...

Sure, the media deserve plenty of blame (and so does colonialism): but you get this even in places never colonised, like Thailand. There are more basic reasons -- not justifications, but explanations -- for this nonsense.

Except for genetic extremes, most people get darker if they work outside in the sunlight, lighter if they have an inside job with no heavy lifting -- meaning, on average, that they are richer. In any money-oriented society, having more money is sexy.

Among urbanised Europeans, a tan indicates that you spend more time outside the factory or office, lolling at the beach or climbing mountains (not toiling), meaning, on average, that you are richer. In any money-oriented society, having more money is sexy.

The media and ad industry just take this and run with it. Just notice how many other wealth tokens are in those ads!