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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Heard Allen West is a Witless Turd


Republicans are bad enough. It's the black Republicans that make my sphincter seize up. Not because they are Republicans...but when they say outrageous things, for some reason, they end up being WORSE than your typical idiotic, ideological garbage heap of piss-poor commentary. Granted, not ALL black Republicans are awful. But the ones who are....Alan Keyes, Herman Cain, Michael Steele...and THIS ass-clown, Allen West...THESE are the worst of the worst.

West has made some idiotic statements before, but this new line of attack against Democrats is too ridiculous, even for the most partisan kiss-ass. This cretin was speaking at a town hall meeting in Palm City, Florida, when he made the insane claim that he had "heard" that there were 80 House Democrats who were communists. COMMUNISTS?! I'm sorry, did I just wake up in 1955? Who the HELL is concerned about communism in 2012?! In fact, who in their right mind was EVER concerned about the so-called spread of communism?! This was always a claim spread by paranoid sociopaths. Many people, including Martin Luther King, Jr., were called communists. And I have to say, if he's a member...maybe I should be, too.

Of course, I wouldn't call myself a communist for many reason-- mostly because I don't give a shit. The ONLY THING that communism really does is put everyone on a level playing field-- hence it's root, commune. Naturally, that doesn't bode well for capitalists, libertarians, totalitarianists and all other ideologies that separate the haves from the have-nots. America has always been about giving the illusion that EVERYONE can be rich and successful...which is not true in the least. It's like the lottery-- "Ya gotta be in it, to win it!" But not everyone is gonna win it; most people will either JUST get by, or have NOTHING. And those who have nothing, according to most Republicans, are on their own.

The only real reason that someone like West is making these claims is because the Republicans are in danger of losing the House. No one has really talked about this-- possibly because they don't wanna jinx it. Since the Republican Party took the house, they have done all they can to trash their reputations more so than they had under Bush. Remember how they took the House based on "Jobs, jobs, jobs"? And what happened after the election in 2010? Did they push for creating jobs? Nope. Instead, they pushed anti-immigration legislation, gay marriage bans, anti-labor union laws, anti-WOMEN legislation-- NOTHING to do with job creation.

I, honestly, welcome the rhetorically retarded politicians like Allen West to continue to run their mouths  stupidly. I want him to continue to make inaccurate platitudes against his intellectual betters, such as President Obama. At this same Palm City town hall, he had complained about President Obama not showing up to have a debate with him-- after he made a request or two to do so. When asked why he thought the president didn't respond, he claimed that Obama was "scared". Funny, huh? Clowns like this LOVE to talk a big game. It's usually the dumb ones that have the biggest mouths. I think it would go without saying that if Allen West EVER had the change to debate Barack Obama, to say that West would have his ass handed to him is an understatement. It would be a slaughter of epic proportions. It would be so bad and embarrassing to watch that I don't think my sphincter could tighten hard enough-- diamonds would be made without the coal! He says these things because he knows that the president wouldn't want to waste his time. At the same time, he's narcissistic enough to believe that there is at least a 15% chance that he could actually score this mythological debate. Deep down, though-- if it EVER happened, he'd be unemployed almost instantly. Then he'd have to turn to Democrats for all those communist programs he's been complaining about.

Someone once said: "I'm very concerned about this very divisive rhetoric..." Can you guess who that was?

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