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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

George Zimmerman: Racist?

I don't want to waste too much time talking about this person until he climbs out from whatever hole he's hiding in. I want to address the push-back regarding his social politics.

Many "conservative" commentators are up-in-arms about how Zimmerman is being characterized by the "liberal media" as being a racist. That shouldn't really be a surprise to anyone-- most white conservatives would NEVER accuse one of their own of being racist. They just see it as liberals and black folks playing the "race card"-- which, according to them, makes liberals and blacks the TRUE racists.

One of the claims they make is the fact that Zimmerman mentored black kids. Now again, we can find out more about this when or if he decides to come out of hiding. And, honestly, I'd like to hear from these black kids that he mentored-- that would be quite a feather in the cap of his defense team. However, I find this "black mentor" defense to be weak, to say the least.

I grew up with white folks. My family moved to Mt. Laurel, NJ when I was 8 years old in May of 1980. Mt. Laurel was a predominately white suburban township, surrounded by other predominately white townships in South Jersey. I was one of the few blacks in grade school, from about 3rd grade to 8th grade. When we got to high school, there were a few more blacks-- which made up for about 15% of the school's student body. While in that school, I heard the word "nigger" literally every other day. The same white kids that talked about "niggers", and made other derogatory remarks about blacks, did not make those remarks about me. You know why? I do, because they told me. They said "You're not like them." Or, "You're different than the other ones". I also heard things like "You speak so well!", or "You're much smarter than the others!", or "You don't act black". Now, does the fact that they are speaking to me, or "complimenting" me, negate the racism coming out of their mouths? Nope. THEY ARE RACISTS!!!

At my 10 year high school reunion, I ran into a few of these assholes. They tried talking to me-- wanting to know what I was up to, where I've been, all that bullshit. I told them to go fuck themselves. I literally used those words. When they didn't understand, I explained it to them. Guess what? They didn't remember ANY of that. But I did. I remembered it like it was yesterday. As a black man, I NEVER forget racist bullshit like that. And listen-- and I think this goes without saying-- not every white person I went to school with was a racist. I still talk to quite a few of them on Facebook. And you know what? Those white folks remembered all that racist shit, too! You know why? BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT, AND ARE NOT, RACISTS. They understood then, and they understand now, that racism among white folks as never gone away. It existed for my great-great-great grands...and it will exist for my two young babies.

Thankfully, we live in an era when white racism doesn't have the same impact as it did even for my parents. None of the white folks I deal with on a daily basis have a racist bone in their bodies. In fact, they get as aggravated and annoyed (and saddened) by the people that continue to bring their retarded social politics out in the open. They hated those racist teabbag fucks in the Youtube videos at the McCain/Palin rallies, and the Tumblrs of those stupid posters and signs at the 'bagger events. They hate morons like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Pat Buchanan that make insane and inaccurate statements about race. And they hate stories about people like George Zimmerman, who goes into hiding when then heat is up, unwilling to stand up for himself-- but why?! If he's not a bigot, and this shooting wasn't based on his prejudices...hold a press conference, meet with Trayvon's parents-- ACKNOWLEDGE your wrongs! But he won't. And at this point, it wouldn't matter.

These people have become very adept at trying to hide their bigotry. Of course, there are some that just don't care, and will gladly display their ignorance and emotional retardation. Those are naturally the easy ones to spot. The problem with this Zimmerman case is simply the fact that he made a mistake; he thought he was going after one of the bad ones.

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