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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Trayvon Martin

It took 3 days for the police to notify the Martin family of the consequences behind their son's death. It took 3 weeks before this story made national headlines. Other than the absolutely tragic story behind this young man's needless death, the sad thing is that NO ONE in the black community is at all surprised by the events leading to Trayvon's death.

I write a lot about race on this blog, and often times I get complaints from a few white readers-- not many, mind you...but I do get them. The complaints come from the simple fact that they believe that I focus too much on race, or that I always blame white people in general for being racist. It seems that simply bringing up racism is a bad thing. "We elected a black president," I'll often hear. "You know, black people can be racist, too!" is another greatest hit. But when you look at the murder of Trayvon he was stalked because the shooter "thought" he "looked suspicious", the fact that the police took the shooter at his word  in spite of 911 calls that seem to contradict his story, and the fact that NO ONE in either the police department OR the Justice Department in Florida decided to investigate this OBVIOUS case of the murder of a young man who was guilty ONLY of being black in a gated, predominately white community....and the fact that the killer,  George Zimmerman, has NOT YET BEEN ARRESTED...all of these things are an example of the continued frustrations in the black community of the still-ever-present state of racism in America.

It's extremely naive to believe that hundreds of years of social conditioning is just simply going to evaporate from the national consciousness because Barack Obama is in the White House. His presidency has brought about HUGE spikes in white supremacy movements. It also brought about a more institutionalized form of white supremacy known as the Teabagger Movement. Many white Republicans don't seem to remember the hateful, racist signs that appeared at those rallies. And let's not forget the "birthers" or the allegations of secret Muslim affiliations, or the anti-Christian rhetoric belched up by Republican politicians and Christian leaders alike-- all veiled, all passive-aggressive claims that President Obama is "not like us". But you can't say these things to some whites. They make excuses, or deflect blame, claiming things like "reverse racism".

The presidency of Barack Obama has not ushered in a "post racial society". It merely amplified the fringe-level xenophobia that has ALWAYS existed in this country. While their numbers may not be dominant, they are big enough and loud enough to disrupt the peace. Yes,  it's true-- most white folks did not agree with the institution of slavery pre-Civil War. At the same time, many Germans did not agree with the Nazi's concentration camps...but many Germans lived within a couple of miles of them, and even with the smell of human flesh in the air...they did and said NOTHING. It's all well and good to NOT be a racist...but to simply roll your eyes and bitch about people talking about problems that STILL exist to this me, that's just as bad.

So now we have yet another black boy shot and killed because of some mental defective's racist assumptions. Here's another example of the "old South", rising up again like a turd in the toilet, right down to the police not doing a GODDAMN THING about it. Even with Zimmerman's record and reputation, even with the 911 calls, ALL OF THIS...and this asshole:

...this racist, ignorant MURDERER is STILL AT LARGE! What the hell are you people waiting for?!?!


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