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Friday, March 23, 2012

Tara Servatius: Idiot

You're probably looking at the headline to this post, and the picture of this woman, saying "Who the hell is Tara Servatius?" Well, I didn't know who she was either-- until this morning. She is a conservative blogger in North Carolina, who was writing another hateful screed about President Obama-- this time about his opposition to NC's proposed ban on same-sex marriage. She apparently felt that her hit piece was missing something, so...she added this image:

Now, she's out of a job. A bigot on TWO fronts, instead of one; anti-gay AND anti-black.

Leave it to the conservatives to think that something like that is acceptable or even funny! I guess I understand the leather and heels reference, because that's what many conservatives assume gay men are into...but the KFC? Really-- what the hell does that have to do with same-sex marriage? It doesn't-- it's just "Hey, y'all-- lookit that nigger! YUK-YUK-YUK!! He got him some fried chicken-- git it? 'cause niggers LOOOOOOOVE fried chicken!!"

What's funny about that image, really, is that someone out there took the time to make this image-- someone clearly with a remedial-level education. Now, I'm assuming that this Tara Servatius person went to college. If she did, she should have her degree revoked, because NO INTELLIGENT or RATIONAL person would attach this to what I'm sure she would consider a serious piece of journalistic opinion. This not only makes her look stupid, but it also discredits ANYTHING that she has to say.

Tara Servatius is clearly a child that has lost ANY credibility that she MAY HAVE had before. I mean seriously-- what if someone did something like that to her:

"Hey y'all! Lookit the white trash! Git it? 'cause she's white, and she's pregnant with a cigarette and she's barefoot on a dirty floor, and her man got a mullet and a trucker cap and a gun! She white trash!!! Git it?!"

Guess what, Tara Servatius? I made this! Now, did I have to write "BLOGGER BITCH"? Nah, probably not. But what's done is done. It's not like I'm gonna get fired from by blog. The point is that anyone can do ANYTHING with Photoshop; it doesn't mean that is should be done, or used on "serious" journalism for that matter-- especially when an image is racist and offensive.

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Anonymous said...

Wow - it is obvious you are upset about amny things...Not just Tara whatever her name is. Seek help