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Thursday, March 22, 2012

"The Forgotten Man"

I remember the first time I saw the work of Jon McNaughton. I said to myself..."What IS this creepy shit?"

This first McNaughton I ever saw was a painting called "One Nation Under God":

I've gotta say, if I was at someone's house and I saw this on the wall...I'd leave. This WEIRD mixture of the two things that should NEVER go together-- church AND state-- is just a horrible lack of inclusion on MANY levels. Granted, this guy is sticking strictly to the Christian side of things, and so be it. It's just so tacky and odd and so...religious! In a word...awful.

The latest travesty committed to canvas is the work found at the top of this post-- "The Forgotten Man", featuring our current President Barack Obama, seemingly turning his back on founding fathers, with his foot planted on the Constitution. So fucking stupid. I mean, these Conservatives that claim that Obama has turned his back on what makes America great-- all the while disavowing EVERYTHING that went on during the Bush Administration is INSANE!! Not only did Bush and Cheney step on the Constitution, they wiped their asses with it! If you doubt it, the first place you can look is The Patriot Act! How about the gutting of Posse Comitatus? These are things that threatened our liberty more than ANYTHING ELSE at ANY TIME in this nation's history! Where were these so-called concerned citizens then?! We've got a bunch of mental patients who think that a Health Care law is threatening their freedom! It's so stupid, it's both sad and comical. But I digress...

The only thing creepier than this guy's work is the videos documenting his work:

Yeah, see? He was concerned about America...AFTER 2008. So convenient, that he seems to have been under a rock or in space or something for the 8 years before. Here's another video for that crappy Obama painting:

I love this! So, "every man" is some white guy, and he claims that our country is falling apart because of the actions of Barack Obama, "...and other presidents". I love how he adds that line about "other presidents", but CLEARLY President Obama is front and center, and the ONLY ONE stepping on the Constitution. Where's W.? Oh, he's in the back...nowhere near the Constitution...looking to the founding fathers, as if to say "What can I do?"

Like many other Conservatives, this is a bullshit argument. I mean really-- come on! There is nothing fair or balanced in this interpretation of events. This is clearly nothing more than partisan nonsense. And listen-- I HATE when Liberals and Democrats ignore their short-comings, and blame everything on the other side, as if everything they do and believe is correct. It's just a sickening, maybe a bit more so, to hear Republicans and Conservatives do it. There is such a blindness and pigheadedness with regards to acknowledging BASIC FACTS and RECENT HISTORY, it's mind-numbing to witness.

I mean, look...Conservatives have very few contributors to the arts. It's not surprising, seeing as how they are more than willing to cut arts programs whenever they can. This Jon McNaughton guy is one of their artistic voices. And, in true Conservative fashion, he epitomizes who they are: bland, hyper-religious, historically and intellectually inaccurate, and just plain creepy.

And I will be printing this out this guy's work and putting it on my wall. The kitsch value is THROUGH THE ROOF! HAHAHAHAHA!!

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