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Thursday, March 29, 2012

George Lucas says "Done" with Star Wars movies

This is news that pretty much any good geek should know. It took TMZ to shove a camera in his face as he was coming out of a restaurant to clear up any confusion that anyone may have as to whether or not Mr. Lucas will actually be bringing us Episodes 7, 8 & 9 of Star Wars:

Well, there you have it. Quick and to the point, there will be no more Star Wars films. Which I, quite frankly, have no real desire to see anyway. I thought the Timothy Zahn books served as a good series of events after Jedi. Now everyone is just waiting for him to tell film his Star Wars television series. Again, is this necessary? Nah. I mean, I'm very excited to show my kids the original trilogy, and MAYBE the other three prequels. But then there are books, and comics, and that Clones animated series, and the shitty Xmas special from the 70s....I mean, do we REALLY need any more?

Anchorman 2!

FINALLY some fun news!

Legendary anchorman Ron Burgundy made an appearance on Conan last night. After a flute solo that would have made Herbie Mann cry, Mr. Burgundy announced that he and Paramount Pictures have agreed to make a sequel to Anchorman. It's freaking awesome!

Now all they have to do is get that Zoolander sequel up and running, and then we'll all be good! I'll tell you, with all that talk about Paramount's lack of interest, I'm surprised that THIS is even happening at all. I mean, you would think that making an Anchorman sequel would be like printing money...

Well played, sirs...well played.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Tara Servatius: Idiot

You're probably looking at the headline to this post, and the picture of this woman, saying "Who the hell is Tara Servatius?" Well, I didn't know who she was either-- until this morning. She is a conservative blogger in North Carolina, who was writing another hateful screed about President Obama-- this time about his opposition to NC's proposed ban on same-sex marriage. She apparently felt that her hit piece was missing something, so...she added this image:

Now, she's out of a job. A bigot on TWO fronts, instead of one; anti-gay AND anti-black.

Leave it to the conservatives to think that something like that is acceptable or even funny! I guess I understand the leather and heels reference, because that's what many conservatives assume gay men are into...but the KFC? Really-- what the hell does that have to do with same-sex marriage? It doesn't-- it's just "Hey, y'all-- lookit that nigger! YUK-YUK-YUK!! He got him some fried chicken-- git it? 'cause niggers LOOOOOOOVE fried chicken!!"

What's funny about that image, really, is that someone out there took the time to make this image-- someone clearly with a remedial-level education. Now, I'm assuming that this Tara Servatius person went to college. If she did, she should have her degree revoked, because NO INTELLIGENT or RATIONAL person would attach this to what I'm sure she would consider a serious piece of journalistic opinion. This not only makes her look stupid, but it also discredits ANYTHING that she has to say.

Tara Servatius is clearly a child that has lost ANY credibility that she MAY HAVE had before. I mean seriously-- what if someone did something like that to her:

"Hey y'all! Lookit the white trash! Git it? 'cause she's white, and she's pregnant with a cigarette and she's barefoot on a dirty floor, and her man got a mullet and a trucker cap and a gun! She white trash!!! Git it?!"

Guess what, Tara Servatius? I made this! Now, did I have to write "BLOGGER BITCH"? Nah, probably not. But what's done is done. It's not like I'm gonna get fired from by blog. The point is that anyone can do ANYTHING with Photoshop; it doesn't mean that is should be done, or used on "serious" journalism for that matter-- especially when an image is racist and offensive.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

"The Forgotten Man"

I remember the first time I saw the work of Jon McNaughton. I said to myself..."What IS this creepy shit?"

This first McNaughton I ever saw was a painting called "One Nation Under God":

I've gotta say, if I was at someone's house and I saw this on the wall...I'd leave. This WEIRD mixture of the two things that should NEVER go together-- church AND state-- is just a horrible lack of inclusion on MANY levels. Granted, this guy is sticking strictly to the Christian side of things, and so be it. It's just so tacky and odd and so...religious! In a word...awful.

The latest travesty committed to canvas is the work found at the top of this post-- "The Forgotten Man", featuring our current President Barack Obama, seemingly turning his back on founding fathers, with his foot planted on the Constitution. So fucking stupid. I mean, these Conservatives that claim that Obama has turned his back on what makes America great-- all the while disavowing EVERYTHING that went on during the Bush Administration is INSANE!! Not only did Bush and Cheney step on the Constitution, they wiped their asses with it! If you doubt it, the first place you can look is The Patriot Act! How about the gutting of Posse Comitatus? These are things that threatened our liberty more than ANYTHING ELSE at ANY TIME in this nation's history! Where were these so-called concerned citizens then?! We've got a bunch of mental patients who think that a Health Care law is threatening their freedom! It's so stupid, it's both sad and comical. But I digress...

The only thing creepier than this guy's work is the videos documenting his work:

Yeah, see? He was concerned about America...AFTER 2008. So convenient, that he seems to have been under a rock or in space or something for the 8 years before. Here's another video for that crappy Obama painting:

I love this! So, "every man" is some white guy, and he claims that our country is falling apart because of the actions of Barack Obama, "...and other presidents". I love how he adds that line about "other presidents", but CLEARLY President Obama is front and center, and the ONLY ONE stepping on the Constitution. Where's W.? Oh, he's in the back...nowhere near the Constitution...looking to the founding fathers, as if to say "What can I do?"

Like many other Conservatives, this is a bullshit argument. I mean really-- come on! There is nothing fair or balanced in this interpretation of events. This is clearly nothing more than partisan nonsense. And listen-- I HATE when Liberals and Democrats ignore their short-comings, and blame everything on the other side, as if everything they do and believe is correct. It's just a sickening, maybe a bit more so, to hear Republicans and Conservatives do it. There is such a blindness and pigheadedness with regards to acknowledging BASIC FACTS and RECENT HISTORY, it's mind-numbing to witness.

I mean, look...Conservatives have very few contributors to the arts. It's not surprising, seeing as how they are more than willing to cut arts programs whenever they can. This Jon McNaughton guy is one of their artistic voices. And, in true Conservative fashion, he epitomizes who they are: bland, hyper-religious, historically and intellectually inaccurate, and just plain creepy.

And I will be printing this out this guy's work and putting it on my wall. The kitsch value is THROUGH THE ROOF! HAHAHAHAHA!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Trayvon Martin

It took 3 days for the police to notify the Martin family of the consequences behind their son's death. It took 3 weeks before this story made national headlines. Other than the absolutely tragic story behind this young man's needless death, the sad thing is that NO ONE in the black community is at all surprised by the events leading to Trayvon's death.

I write a lot about race on this blog, and often times I get complaints from a few white readers-- not many, mind you...but I do get them. The complaints come from the simple fact that they believe that I focus too much on race, or that I always blame white people in general for being racist. It seems that simply bringing up racism is a bad thing. "We elected a black president," I'll often hear. "You know, black people can be racist, too!" is another greatest hit. But when you look at the murder of Trayvon he was stalked because the shooter "thought" he "looked suspicious", the fact that the police took the shooter at his word  in spite of 911 calls that seem to contradict his story, and the fact that NO ONE in either the police department OR the Justice Department in Florida decided to investigate this OBVIOUS case of the murder of a young man who was guilty ONLY of being black in a gated, predominately white community....and the fact that the killer,  George Zimmerman, has NOT YET BEEN ARRESTED...all of these things are an example of the continued frustrations in the black community of the still-ever-present state of racism in America.

It's extremely naive to believe that hundreds of years of social conditioning is just simply going to evaporate from the national consciousness because Barack Obama is in the White House. His presidency has brought about HUGE spikes in white supremacy movements. It also brought about a more institutionalized form of white supremacy known as the Teabagger Movement. Many white Republicans don't seem to remember the hateful, racist signs that appeared at those rallies. And let's not forget the "birthers" or the allegations of secret Muslim affiliations, or the anti-Christian rhetoric belched up by Republican politicians and Christian leaders alike-- all veiled, all passive-aggressive claims that President Obama is "not like us". But you can't say these things to some whites. They make excuses, or deflect blame, claiming things like "reverse racism".

The presidency of Barack Obama has not ushered in a "post racial society". It merely amplified the fringe-level xenophobia that has ALWAYS existed in this country. While their numbers may not be dominant, they are big enough and loud enough to disrupt the peace. Yes,  it's true-- most white folks did not agree with the institution of slavery pre-Civil War. At the same time, many Germans did not agree with the Nazi's concentration camps...but many Germans lived within a couple of miles of them, and even with the smell of human flesh in the air...they did and said NOTHING. It's all well and good to NOT be a racist...but to simply roll your eyes and bitch about people talking about problems that STILL exist to this me, that's just as bad.

So now we have yet another black boy shot and killed because of some mental defective's racist assumptions. Here's another example of the "old South", rising up again like a turd in the toilet, right down to the police not doing a GODDAMN THING about it. Even with Zimmerman's record and reputation, even with the 911 calls, ALL OF THIS...and this asshole:

...this racist, ignorant MURDERER is STILL AT LARGE! What the hell are you people waiting for?!?!


Friday, March 16, 2012

War on Porn

It seems that (P)Rick Santorum not only hates gay sex, but ANY kind of sex-- especially filmed sex.

In the latest of insanities from the former Pennsylvania Senator, Santorum has vowed to fight against what he believes is one of the factors leading to the erosion of American values: The Porn Industry.

"America is suffering a pandemic of harm from pornography.  A wealth of research is now available demonstrating that pornography causes profound brain changes in both children and adults, resulting in widespread negative consequences. Addiction to pornography is now common for adults and even for some children."
 Don't you just love how these so-called "small government Conservatives" are so hell bent on pushing their way into our personal lives? What's dangerous, however, is that this guy doesn't really know what he's talking about. What else is new, eh?

His claims, for example, that pornography is harmful to women-- contributing to higher rates of violence and rape-- are statistically untrue.

Since the proliferation of porn on the internet, rapes have dropped dramatically. According to Steve Chapman of the Chicago Tribune:

A state-by-state study by economist Todd Kendall of Clemson University found that "the arrival of the Internet was associated with a reduction in rape incidence. However, growth in Internet usage had no apparent effect on other crimes." He concluded, that "in contrast to previous theories to the contrary, liberalization of pornography access may lead to declines in sexual victimization of women."
Not that we will every find out, because Santorum will NEVER be elected, but I wonder how he expects to bring down a multi-billion dollar-a-year industry in a bad economy. Even his most ardent supporters would scoff at this foolishness-- especially considering that the bulk of pornography sales are actually made by Conservatives. That is how out-of-touch this guy is.

Elect him, America. I DARE you.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Don't Re-Nig"

Let the 2012 Presidential Election begin!

A friend of mine shared that photo on Facebook-- not because she believe in it...but because she couldn't believe that someone would actually put that on their car. She was horrified. And when I shared it with my FB friends, they were equally shocked and surprised. Me? Not so much.

It's really difficult to shock black folks when it comes to racism. I hate to say it, but we kind of expect it. It's like white folks are racist until they prove otherwise. It's profiling, it's stereotyping-- sure! But considering our history in this country, we are pretty much required to look at white folks that way. For our own protection and well-being.

I can hear the white conservatives now-- whining about how they are accused of being racists because they hate Obama. That's very funny to me, particularly because most rational and intelligent people know the difference between criticism and racism. There are PLENTY of smart arguments to be made against President Obama's policies. The trouble is that a sizable chunk of the Republican base is not smart. They are what some in the news media politely call "low information voters".  Now, if you have this bumper sticker on your car:

Chances are, you're NOT a racist at all. But what about this:

I'd be willing to be you that this person doesn't have niggers over to their home.

If you think this is bad, wait until about July-August. That's when you are going to see some OUTLANDISH shit. And it will all be expected. So stay tuned...

...and don't be surprised.


Forbes managed to track down this mental defective named Paula Smith, who runs this website called, where she is not only selling "Re-nig" stickers (a best seller, according to the article), but she is defending the sticker and her self as not being racist.

"According to the dictionary [the N word] does not mean black. It means a low down, lazy, sorry, low down person. That’s what the N word means.”

That's what this woman actually said. First of all, if it's not a racial slur, why say "N-Word"? Just say "nigger". Second of all, let's look at the dictionary definition of the word "nigger":

Now, I'm not really sure what dictionary Paula Smith is using, but clearly it's not one written in the 20th or 21st centuries. And by the way, dumb-ass...this is how you spell the word:

Smith was asked if she thought the word "nigger" was bad, she said "no".  She was asked if she was a racist, and she said "no" (of course):

“And besides Obama is not even black. He’s got a mixture of race. It’s his choice of what his nationality is. I’m a mixed breed. I call myself a Heinz 57,” she says, referring to an ancestry that’s part of French, Scottish, and German.
A mix of white-white and white. Yeah, anyone can see the vast diaspora of her ethnicity.

I've had a few Conservatives get upset when I post stories like this, mostly because they think that I am pegging all Republicans as being racists. I've never EVER made that claim. I will say that racists almost ALWAYS affiliate themselves with the Republican party; that's a fact. Political leaders in the Republican party do NOTHING to shut this rhetoric down because they know that they will detract voters if they do. Winning is much more important to Republican leaders than principles or morals or their favorite word: VALUES.

Remember this moment:

This is a man that GETS IT. He gets it because he's been a victim of this kind of loose talk concerning race among this bigoted white electorate. Also, pay attention to some of the people in the background. There are some shocked faces, some laughter, and there was applause after McCain shut these people down. THAT'S the point, people!

If you Republicans don't want to be clumped in with the garbage that has clung to your party, you've GOT TO SHAKE THEM OFF! Push your leaders into condemning this nonsense! Let them know that they could actually get MORE VOTES and MORE SUPPORT if they left these morons behind! Is winning so important to you, that you would just be silent and let this crap continue to happen? And make no mistake, it's not just with race-- this is going on with gays and women, too:

Bigotry is bigotry, regardless of the group. And at the moment, Republicans have cornered the market on this enterprise.

So...what are you going to do about it?