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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Asshole of God

"Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet. Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.”
                                                                                                      ― Napoleon Bonaparte

...where was I...OH YES!

You know, I've never been a fan of religion. Ever since I was a kid, sitting in the church pew with my grandmother every now and then, I couldn't help but think that I would much rather be playing with GI*Joes and Transformers, than listen to some dude talk about God and Jesus. As an adult, I am even more disinterested. I should say, though, that my true problem is not with religion itself. My BIGGEST problem is with the people that use religion as a manipulative tool.

Look, believe what you want-- I really don't care. But keep it to yourself. It should be a private thing-- not to be trotted out in the world and used to push ideology. Very few things piss me off more than some jerk-off using "God" and "Jesus" as an excuse to bash homosexuals or women or race. How cowardly is that-- to hide behind some mythical being (The "so-called" Creator), saying that "He" is the one that believes these things...and since "He" believes it, we have no choice but to believe it ourselves! I say BULLSHIT on that.

We've all heard the ridiculous nonsense that pours out of Rick Santorum's mouth. That sweater-vested lunatic has said some OUTLANDISH shit about women, blacks, and gays-- all the while hiding behind his stupid, make-believe, invisible friend. I have to say, if his idea of God is shitting on women's health, reducing homosexuals to 2nd class citizens, and portraying black folks as helpless welfare me, that God is a fucking idiot.

That is an idiot God that, supposedly, also questions President Obama's "true" faith. Santorum is one of these self-righteous idiots that says to his supporters that Obama follows a "false theology"-- but to the media says "I meant ideology". He's the kind of asshole that, on the campaign trail, says Obama is NOT a real Christian, and is waging war on religion...but on the Sunday Morning political shows, says "Well, if Obama SAYS he's a Christian, then he's a Christian." Passive-aggressive. Cowardly. That kind of bullshit makes me wanna strangle that prick with his own sweater vest.

Speaking of fucking idiots, Franklin Graham was on MSNBC's Morning Joe this morning. Here's another one of God's assholes that pushes this line that Obama is not a "real" Christian. But again, he's passive-aggressive about it-- saying that he can't say whether or not another man is a Christian. And then when he's asked about Rick Santorum...guess what he says?

Can you believe this guy? This asshole-- this "I am holier than thou" fuck-tard had the sagging, grey balls to sit there and call Obama a non-Christian, while boosting Santorum as some high-religious man! Look, it's clear what's going on here.

 It's nothing but good, ol' fashioned old white American male xenophobia. I mean, seriously-- Obama's values are not as "holy" as Santorums? What about YOUR values, Franklin-- as you sit in judgement of the darkie president with that Muslim name! How is protecting the rights of citizens, increasing funding to education programs, making sure the wealthiest American's pay their share-- how is ANY OF THAT antithetical to the teachings of Christ? It's not. You know what is? Bigotry. Disenfranchisement. Economic oppression. When you support the modern-day GOP, that is what you are defending. THAT is what you claim are good, Christian values. In which case, I say "FUCK CHRISTIANS".

I get very angry about people like this. It makes me more and more thankful that I am not weak-minded enough to seek guidance from douche bags like Graham, and his ilk. Since people like that are so keen to push their religious crap on people, I would like to push back:

Keep your fantasy-land bullshit beliefs to yourself! I care about your intolerant, ignorant "god", OR your willingness to follow "him". When you open your mouth, you sound uneducated and out-of-touch. You are brainless, mindless fools, wasting time and energy (mostly the rest of ours!).

Go to hell (or wherever you dummies go).

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