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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

MIchelle Bachmann Dominated by 8 Year-Old

Considering the level of discourse from GOP Presidential Candidates, the headline above should come as no surprise to those of you who follow politics. Every time one of these Republicans opens their mouths, they set our nation back 20-30 years at least. These are people who are not very interested in the lives of real Americans...just the fetishized view of what passes for "normal" for lower-to-middle income white folks.

All joking aside, this clip of Bachmann being confronted by a little boy regarding a hot-button social issue is priceless-- mostly for the look of sheer horror on her face when she leans in to hear what the shy little boy is trying to say to her:

I must say that the ONLY thing that I have issue with in the clip is the fact that kid seems to have been pushed into saying what he said by his mother. I think the mother wanted to get Bachmann in a YouTube moment, and used her child to make that happen. I have to say that I am not a big fan of passive-aggressive behavior-- even in cases when I don't particularly like the target. There is no reason why that woman would not have confronted Bachmann on her own-- but I get it. It's the same kind of thing that a politician would have done to set someone up. But this was a setup. This kid clearly wouldn't know Bachmann from Barney. Aside from that, I can't get over that look on her face when she realized what the kid had said. It's amazing to me that these Republicans bristle and fold under the most honest and sincere of questioning...but we're supposed to believe that they will have the strong stuff that it takes to run this country. Seriously-- if you fall apart when a little kid asks you a question, how are you going to act when Katie Couric or Rachel Maddow asks you a question. Oh yes, that's GOP candidates don't like talking to the media. Only entertainment outlets like Fox News are safe...right?

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