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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

G.O.P. vs G.A.Y.

When you talk about bigots in politics, some people will get offended when the finger is pointed at Republicans as the number one offender. Well, "some people" meaning Republicans-- they don't like being identified as the party of intolerence. They don't like it, but time and time again they seem to prove that they are. Recently, it's been Rick Santorum in the news for saying stupid, stupid things about how homosexuality will cause the United States to "fall". He says that his issues with the gay community has everything to do with the sex.
"We can flesh out some, well, let's look at what's going to be taught in our schools because now we have same sex couples being the same and their sexual activity being seen as equal and being affirmed by society as heterosexual couples and their activity," he said.

Funny that, as there is really no difference between anal and/or oral sex between straights or gays-- you're either penetrating the anus, or putting your mouth on genitalia. There are straight men that LOVE anal sex-- either giving, or receiving (via fingers and whatnot). Does that make those men gay? Personally, I'm not a fan of anal-- as much as I love a nice ass on a lady...I'm not really moved to wanna stick it in there; I'm a vagina man. The issue of sex in sexuality has way too many nuances to make condemnations about style and imposing them on a particular group of people.

But we are talking about Rick Santorum, here-- the Republican bigot for the ages. You have to give him credit for not being afraid to let his true colors show. He reminds me of how Strom Thurman was comfortable enough to use the word "nigger" in his political speeches. Santorum is at least conscious enough to not use the word "fag" or "queer" or whatever other ugly slurs exist. However, when it comes to the mentality of this man, he's about as ignorant as they come.

And how about Rick Perry! The Texas Turd is back, this time with a 30 second spot to celebrate his anti-gay bigoty:

This is my favorite line in this thing:

"You know there's something wrong when gays can openly serve in the military, but our kids cannot opening celebrate Christmas."


These people using religion to justify their bigotry is shameful. "I believe in God, and God hates fags." That's really what they're saying! Now, of course, none of these people would say that. Their constituents, however, would! I can't tell you how many times I've been around straight people-- not friends or family, but just the dolts out in the world-- that have no problem insulting gays publicly. Again, this is akin to white folks being comfortable enough to say "nigger" in public-- it's the same kind of mindset; that of a witless fuck-tard.

Man oh man. I mean, what can you really say about this stupid shit that hasn't been said already? I think the problem is that whatever we have to say about these assholes, we have to say it LOUDER, and MORE OFTEN. Seriously-- to be THIS OPEN about your prejudices, and STILL be allowed to hold or compete for public office is amazing to me.

Gay bigotry is not held up to the same scrutiny as bigotry based on race or religion. And that makes me wonder...what if we had a war on the religious bigots. Not those phoney media wars, like the so-called "War on Christmas"-- I'm talking an all-out assault on ANYONE using the Bible or some other dogma or fantasy bullshit as a tool to condemn homosexuality.  I, for one, don't want to live in a world where brain-dead Christians and Evangelicals or whatever can push to legislate their hate and ignorance on the American People.

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