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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs, Dead at Age 56

Apple co-founder and visionary Steve Jobs has lost his battle with pancreatic cancer, and has passed away at the age of 56. No matter what you knew about how sick he was, news of his death-- a mere weeks after handing Apple over to Tim Cook, and the day after the latest iPhone was announced-- it's still a bit of a shock knowing that he is gone.

I have been buying Apple products over the last 14 years-- starting with a G3 tower that I bought for graphic design and video editing (I used Final Cut Pro v. 2 back then). This man has been a very significant icon of my professional and personal life, as not as day has gone by in over a decade that I have not used an Apple device or product of some sort. Now that he's gone, what could that possibly mean to the brand that he helped to create, and later rejuvenate.

Without Jobs, it's kind of hard to say what the future might look like-- especially since it's been Apple that has set many of the tech trends that we have in our lives. It's a voice that will truly be missed.

1 comment:

MadCarlotta said...

You know he probably mapped out the next 25-30 years of product development before he left.

Let's hope anyway.