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Thursday, October 20, 2011

1 in 5 Women Choose Facebook Over Sex

In polling 2,000 women,  Cosmo found that 20 percent of women-- or, 1 in 5-- would give up sex for a week if they had to choose between it and using Facebook. These results have been getting a lot of that internet buzz out there on the webs. I have to say, though, that I'm not the least bit surprised.

I think that many people out there find online interacting much more fulfilling than dealing with people in the "real world". And I don't think it's because women don't like sex as much as men-- I think we all like sex equally. But it seems as if this 20% must not be getting all the satisfaction they need from physical boning. Is that our fault, guys? Are we not achieving the highest ranks of great cocksmanship, and forcing women to get pleasure from their laptops and tablets? I mean really, if you're picking a social networking website over MUST BE getting some pretty substandard or god-awful sex.

Hey-- I'm guessing that it's sexual satisfaction. Probably because I'm a guy and that's what I think of immediately when I hear results from a poll like this (I also giggle when I use the word "poll"). Maybe it's a bit deeper than that-- maybe it's because this 20% find it easier to make a connection online, and keep their relationships online as to preserve them and not ruin the illusion by connecting with the ACTUAL person. What could be worse than a shattered illusion?

Also in the poll: 50% would give up sex for their cellphone, 70% would give up sexting, 43% would give up their computer, and 80% would give up their favorite television show. Wow-- look at all the digital technology that women would rather have than sex! Half would rather talk on the phone?! Nearly half would rather use their computer?! Well, I mean-- this is mostly bad news for us heterosexual men (and gay women).

I have to say, if faced with any of these decisions...I would choose sex with my lady EVERY TIME! That's an easy choice to make, aside from the fact that my lady is HOT. I'm a man, for heaven's sake-- when my penis fills with blood (which is often...), I NEED to use it! I can't think of one time in my life when I've given up sex to play video games or use a computer or call people or some shit! Nothing against Steve Jobs (RIP), but the vagina is the TRULY magical thing in the world!

Oh well...gentlemen  (and ladies, maybe?), I think we need to step up our game. Technology is no replacement for a good lay.

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