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Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Underground Garage", the Russian Kids Club

The internets are all a-flutter over images from a night club called "Underground Garage" somewhere in Russia. The hook:  it's an all-kids night club.

How about that, huh? How disturbing! How horrible it is that there are kids partying in a night club at ALL HOURS OF THE NIGHT! Except, well...I have some suspicions about the validity of this so-called  "nightclub for kids". Nothing major, I mean...well, first off, the photos look staged. They look lit, the kids look made up and photoshopped. Seriously, if this was a club where deboucherous kids were gettin' hog-wild, I don't think these photographs would look this stable and well-lit. On top of that, I looked up the club on YouTube to find any videos of these kids in action:

Don't look like little kids to me. My guess...these photos are some kind of viral campaign for either the club itself, or for the site that these photos belong to, Geometria. In any case, regardless of all the outrage that these images have conjured up, the only thing that I can think of is that "Forever Your Girl" video:

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