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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"My EBT": Or, THIS is Why I Should Probably Be a Republican

"...There's a civil war going on with black people right now-- and there's two sides: 
there's black people, and there's niggers...and niggers have GOT TO GO!" -- Chris Rock

I lived in BedStuy, Brooklyn a few years ago-- this was at the very beginnings of the gentrification of that area. I found a cheap and adequate 2-bedroom apartment for a fraction of the cost of what I would find in Manhattan-- and it was only about 20-30 minutes away! Even though the rent was cheaper, it was still considerably expensive. I was one of the few people that I knew that had their own apartment-- many of my friends had roommates or spouses or whatever; I make a decent enough salary that I could afford to live by myself. However, I didn't have the kind of money that I could just throw around. At that point, I was still watching the same television set that I had owned for nearly 10 years (the Sony Wega-- a great, and heavy, TV). On my walk to the subway station, I would have to pass by some Section 8 housing. On trash days, I would see boxes for 36" and 42" flat screen LCD televisions, and XBoxes and Playstations 3's, and stereos-- the kind of shit that I could not REALLY afford. I would always wonder-- how the FUCK can people on welfare afford to have shit that my middle class-ass could not?!?!

This is how fucked up our system is. It doesn't pay to be "middle class". You have to be either rich or poor to get by unscathed in America these days. If you're rich, you get outstanding tax cuts. If you're poor, you get entitlements. When you're middle get FUCKED. That's why I don't understand all this talk about class warfare that's dominating the current media cycle. Republicans want to coddle and protect the rich and the wealthy. Period Democrats want to be sure that the lower class and the poor get all the breaks they need to live.  PERIOD. What do we get?!

A friend of mine sent me the following video, and it absolutely made my blood boil:

FUCK this asshole, and everyone that looks and sounds like him. Nothing angers me more than ignorant, irresponsible black folks niggers gettin' by. I HATE IT. It makes me furious to see shit like this-- after EVERYTHING that our parent's generation tried to accomplish during the 50s and the 60s, to have all of that shit on by this generation of lazy, complacent, self-entitled fuck-tards...I swear, I wanted to punch a hole in this goddamned monitor while I was watching that...FUCKING stupid video.

Let me explain something here. There are PLENTY of intelligent, serious, hard-working black folks out there that look at niggers like this and get as angry as I am right now. It's disgraceful and embarrassing, and fills me with NOTHING but shame. I will say that the one thing that I was hopeful about with Barack Obama was that people like this would get inspired enough to want to try to do something with their lives-- to lift themselves up from their self-imposed racial prisons and move themselves towards progress. I was a fool. And I mock people that expected Obama to be some kind of messiah. Not that I was expecting Obama to do something specifically about this-- he's the President of the United States, not the President of Black People. When I hear black politicians complaining about the state of black unemployment, and in part blaming Obama for not doing enough, I call absolute bullshit! Yes, our nation's unemployment is bad. Yes, there is a higher concentration of black and Hispanic unemployment. But I've got news for's not racially-motivated.

Just look at that fucking video. This guy is PLEASED to be sucking from the public tit. And it's not just him-- I'm not only busting his balls, to be sure. Again, when I lived in Brooklyn, I saw assholes like this more often that I would like to admit. These same assholes would also bitch and moan about how the "white man" is keeping them from accomplishing more with their lives. BULL. SHIT. The white man is not giving you weed and 40s. The white man is not forcing you to buy shit food. The white man is not keeping your lazy, ignorant ass from getting an education, so that you could get a decent job! You are where you are because you want to be...and you ENJOY IT!

This is the one place where I can find agreement with Republicans. What would happen to these people if these entitlements disappeared? What do you think they would be singing about then?! Why are we allowing this to happen, while decent people are out there BUSTING THEIR ASSES to barely make ends meet?! Why should I care about these people losing their meal ticket? I'll tell you this...I DON'T!

You see, this is why people like this will never be uplifted. They eat shitty food. They drink and smoke weed. They stand around on street corners or sit in their apartments watching cable and playing video games for all hours of the day. And meanwhile, their food is paid for...their rent is substantially cheap...and they get an unemployment check every week. For example-- I've seen people pay $300/month for a 2-bedroom apartment. I've paid 4 times that amount. That is some depressing, aggravating shit!

Look, these entitlement programs could be useful...for a LIMITED TIME. If you've lost your job, and are having a hard time finding new employment, and you need some time to get training to find new work...yes, these programs will help. It's the people that use these things as a LIFESTYLE...those are the people that aren't worth a bucket of piss. These are the people that need to have all of that shit yanked away from them. It's not everyone...but it's enough. This is something that politicians SHOULD fix!

Tax cut and entitlement loopholes-- THOSE TWO THINGS SHOULD BE ON THE TABLE. These are things that both Democrats and Republicans should be working out. Americans need to get off the hamster wheel and clean up this system! But you know what? They won't. Democrats and Republicans care more about their bases than they do for the people that need the most attention: THE ONES DOING ALL THE WORK!!!!

I will always support the middle class-- we are, and have always been, the backbone of the American economy. At this point, however...being a listless, no-good nigger on welfare pays more (and that's both black and white niggers, folks).

So...I guess that means I have to get rich. Or die trying.

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