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Monday, September 19, 2011

F.U. DSK: Douchebag Rationalizes Lewd and Rapey Behavior

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, International Piece of Shit, recently gave an interview on French television where he tried to justify his most recent rape allegations from a maid in a New York City hotel. For those of you who have no idea who this asshole is, he is a well-known narcissist, economist, lawyer, and member of the French Socialist party. Several months ago he was accused of sexually assaulting Nafissatou Diallo, an African-born maid at the Sofitael hotel. Basically, she entered the room to clean it, and Dumb-inique Shit-Cunt tried to rape her. He spent a lot of money to get cleared of prosecution, and is now free to walk the streets and rape again. The worst part is that this poor woman is not the only one. A French writer also claims to have been assaulted in 2003 by this bastard. Some people who know him have claimed that he has quite an affinity for sex and women, especially with those two things combined-- "surprise sex" as Louis C.K. has said in his standup.

I have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to rape and violence towards women. I believe that if a man rapes a woman, or even attempts to rape a woman, he needs to have his dick chopped off. Period. You rape a woman, you lose your cock-- plain and simple. Owning a dick is a privilege, NOT a right. And if you abuse it, you lose it. I guarantee you-- if the mandatory punishment for sexual assault against a woman is castration and cock-stration (penectomy)...we wouldn't be having this conversation.

One of the many things that is pissing me off about this loser is his remarks, four months after being acquitted of attempted rape and violence, which he describes as a "moral failing". A "moral failing"?! You're a "male failing". You're a "human failing". I think women should line up for blocks wearing 6 inch heels, with your arms and legs bound by posts and your penis and balls exposed, so that they can stomp you shit into mush.

It is said that Miss Diallo's case was flimsy, that her lawyer said that her story was constantly changing. Strauss-Kahn seems to believe that she was just trying to extract money from him. I am not saying that there are some women out there that have cried "rape" when it was not true-- it has happened. At the same time, as I mentioned before, this guy has a pattern of bad behavior with women. So could either of these people be lying? Could both of them be lying? Yup. In this case, however, I will side with Miss Diallo. When you have a reputation for mistreating women, as far as I am are trash.

So now, I think people will have their eyes on this guy FOR SURE. This is his last chance to walk away from rape and sexual assault allegations scott-free.  We will see if he can keep his hands to himself, and his dick in his pants. Because if he can't, and he fucks up again...he's going to jail. And maybe, just maybe, he'll finally understand what it's like to be raped.

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