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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Wigger Wednesday"

Wow, looks like it's "race day" here at the C*Notes blog! First the adults, now the kids!

Some idiots at Red Wing High School in Minnesota have a homecoming event called "Wigger Wednesday". For those of you who don't know, "wigger" stands for "white nigger". In other words, it's a modern day minstrel show. It's whites "acting" black, or what they perceive to be black, or nigger-ish, or whatever rolls around in their stupid little heads. They even have a Facebook page, which I'm sure will come down pretty soon. It's run by some piece of shit named Zack Bryne, and so far 18 fuck-tards have agreed to join in on this bullshit.

The only reason I can't get too upset about this is because these are nothing more that stupid kids that have absolutely no concept of history and don't understand the context of their stupidity. Most kids don't understand their history-- you can see that in popular culture. For example, that awful song "Otis" by Kanye West and Jay-Z (WHY, Jay-Z, WHY?!), or the mountain of movie remakes coming out of Hollywood. Kids think that this shit is original,  having no clue that there was a whole world out their before their father's nutted into their mother's cooch. So obviously, when they hear the word "nigger" or "nigga" being thrown around either by their favorite music/comedy stars, or by their ignorant relatives or friends....they think that it gives them license to do dumb things like this. And look-- it's a free country, you can do what you want. But just like with the Al Sharpton V. Pat Buchanan thing...don't act surprised when people knocking at your door, wanting to kick your teeth in!
So now, there's a class action suit against the school for actually allowing this to go on. The young lady who is bringing up this lawsuit was a cheerleader named Quera Pruitt. She was distraught, depressed and very upset about this stuff, and even went to her parents and school officials to help clear this up. But the school officials allegedly wanted to just ignore everything and hope the situation would just go away. However, this stupid "Wigger Day" even has gone on for nearly 4 years with minimal to no intervention or prevention. Unfortunately, Quera was in such a bad state, that she damn-near dropped out of school. I know EXACTLY how she feels.

I went to predominately white schools from 3rd grade to 12th grade, and I have to be honest with you...I could not WAIT to get away from those white pieces of shit! That was exactly how a 17 year-old Charles felt by the time I graduate high school. I HATED those people. They were nothing to me but a bunch of inbret, bigoted white trash. That is TRULY how I felt. And, not for nothin', they gave me EVERY REASON to think that way. I, too, was depressed and absolutely miserable. It wasn't just the white kids, either. The black kids were nothing more to me than nigger trash. I had a shitty existence in high school. I was caught in the middle of two groups of idiots: black kids didn't think I was "black enough", and white kids saw me as a dorky little negro. Granted, not EVERYONE I knew in high school fit into this mold...I DID have a few friends there...but for the most part, I hated every minute of it.

My high school class, The Class of 1990, recently had their 20 year reunion. I was asked by some of my former classmates on Facebook why I did not go. The previous paragraph is why. I felt no need to pay $80 to see 7-8 people that I like, and be surrounded by 40-50 people that I hate. Wasn't worth it to me. I don't hold the same grudges that I did back then...I'm just not interested in seeing or spending time with people that I don't care about. And the comments I would have made, and the trouble I would have stirred up...not worth the time or energy. 

I want to say to young Miss Quera that you are out of high school, you need to move to some place like New York or LA. Someplace where you will be surrounded by people that not only look like you, but people who have better things to do than focus on stupid racial bullshit. The great thing is that assholes like Zack Bryne, and the other shit heads that take part in "Wigger Wednesday" will probably never go any farther than they are in Minnesota. You will literally NEVER have to deal with inbred trash like that again. And his stupid ass will be stuck there-- even if he decides to go to college...someone like this clearly doesn't have the brain cell count to make it very far in the world. 

So don't worry. You can move on. Fuck those morons. Hey, they'll always have their "Wigger Wednesday". I'm sure if some folks at a predominately black high school came up with "Honky Hump-Day", there would probably be quite an uproar. Actually...that might not be a bad idea...

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MadCarlotta said...

Honky-Hump Day sounds kind of awesome actually