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Saturday, August 6, 2011

US S&P Rating Downgraded to AA+

Look at what President Obama did! He let Standard & Poor's downgrade America's credit rating from AAA to AA+! Well, that's what Republican opportunists like Tim Pawlenty and Michelle Bachmann are saying. What else would you expect them, or any other Republican to say? The would NEVER take responsibility or accountability for their roll in the devastation of the American economy. Over 10 years of piss-poor economic policy in the hands of Republicans, and now the strong-arming of their pro-rich, anti-middle class stance on tax and entitlements have helped to make things worse.

I think anyone really paying attention to this situation, and not taking a gang-warfare perspective (blue v. red, muthafucka!) can see that the Republicans are bringing a great deal of toxicity to the political conversation in Washington. The Democrats are doing no better-- their weak spines and passivity make it easy for the Rovian rhetoric to control the debate and push politicians into making what can only be characterized as shitty decisions.

What's amazing to me is how the same people that created this situation are trying to blame it all on the president. These are the same people that complained about the lack of jobs that they helped slash in the first place. These are the same people that allow tax cuts for the wealthy, so that the top 1% can horde their money instead of putting it back into the system. The so-called "job creators" are not doing their jobs. Honestly, I can't imagine what the millions of unemployed in this country can do, or are going to do. How can they live with no income? And with Republicans wanting to cut unemployment benefits, what else is there?

Everyone is saying that this is the nail in the coffin for Obama. With a shitty economy, a small and much-maligned stimulus package, a poorly-marketed health care plan, and now a downgrade in the US credit rating...many people think that he's finished come November 2011. I'm thinking not. I think that people understand more than the political pundants and commentators that it is clear that no matter what the president has done, or wants to do, the Republicans are ONLY interested in winning elections, keeping their jobs, and making sure their wealthy constituents are able to continue gaming the system. Who is going to do better? Mitt Romney, who kept quiet during the entire debt ceiling debate? Tim Pawlenty, who doesn't know his ass from his elbow? Michelle Bachmann-- give me a break. Newt Gingrich is as dumb as a pile of galvanized screws. Who's it going to be? Really, who?

People need to gang up on the GOP, and get them to do what the bulk of the American people want, and not what the rich fucks want. STOP VOTING AGAINST YOUR INTERESTS!

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