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Friday, August 5, 2011

Fox News Presents: Obama's Hip Hop BBQ!

"Oh, no they didn't!"

"Oh, yes they did!"

Leave to Fox News to take anything that President Obama does, and make it into a "black" thing. I'm surprised they didn't just call this "Blackie Blackerson Blacks it Up Black!"

This is all in tandem with the job's report that was released today, which wasn't horrible...but it didn't set the world on fire either. Last month, there were 117,000 new jobs added to the economy, dropping the unemployment rate from 9.2 to 9.1 percent. Again, not great...but it's something. All of this still doesn't mean that the economy is growing at all. It's really painful for an economy that relies on consumers, when employers in certain sectors just are not hiring. And that's the key there-- CERTAIN SECTORS. I work in the advertising industry, and there plenty of jobs available. If you're a designer, or a programmer, or a project manager, you have tons of options. These are very marketable skills, but not something that all people can do.

It's probably safe to say that the bulk of job seekers out there are people that work in manufacturing-- assembling products, shipping products...factory workers. Since many American companies are reticent to hire because of fears of either rising taxes or health care costs (things they don't worry about when they employ people over seas), there are barely any jobs being created in the private sector. Which means that the government should step in to help pick up the slack. But Republicans won't allow that. So, we get a circle jerk involving people not willing to do anything to help Americans get jobs on either side of the equation; they are getting screwed by the public and private sector at the same time!

People at Fox News are not going to look at these facts. You can't fit that kind of information into a pithy headline. So they opt for "Blackie" bullshit. Let's take a look:

To certain people, this just reads like a bunch of niggers and their nigger-loving friends dancing, and eating chicken and ribs, and listening to jungle music. Seriously, there is NO REASON why the President's 50TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION should be front page news on ANY reputable news organization's website. Turning 50 is a milestone in any normal human being's life. It's like turning 16, or 21-- it's a big deal to most people. I don't see how this is front page news, with the piss-poor job market being mentioned along with it. I don't remember Fox News bitching about George W. Bush playing golf while there were wars going on:

Granted, he later took it upon himself to stop playing golf while kids were dying...big of him, huh? But I digress...

It's clear what Fox News is doing with this Obama hip-hop birthday bullshit. I mean, you look at that page there, and you see NO MENTION of jobs other than in that headline. It's just the menu and the guest list, and his insistence on people a party. Wow, that's some dangerous black shit right there! And that's all this is-- make no mistake. It's race-baiting garbage. It's showing the Fox News audience how this guy is throwing "hip-hop" parties (i.e. "nigger shindig"), while the economy and job market (a national catastrophe 10 years in the making) is falling apart.

There is no news here. It's obnoxious. It's ignorant. It's sad. It's Fox News!

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