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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Female Orgasm v. Science

The Journal of Sexual Medicine has recently cited that researchers have claimed that there is a fairly definitive map to the female orgasm. Apparently, these people have been able to map the exact locations that bridge the vagina, cervix, and nipples on the brain's sensory cortex. All of this, and they say that they are still unable to locate the G-spot, and are still unable to explain why some women still do not have orgasms. Some scientist claim that the G-spot either is genetically present or not, or that it just doesn't exist in women, or doesn't exist at all. The lead scientist in the Journal of Sexual Medicine is Barry R. Komisaruk, PhD. And that's the have someone with a dick trying to break down the female orgasm.

This is one instance where I believe that science is not really going to help very much. Sure, it's all well and good to clinically identify the biological factors with which a woman could possibly reach an orgasm. The major flaw in this study is the fact that the female orgasm has a lot to do with psychology as well. If you're driving through the fog, a map won't do you any good. In other words, one who thinks that all that is needed to make a woman cum is a mechanical instruction guide is a fool.

What a study like this implies is that even if you are holding a woman against her will, you could just hit the right places, and magically she's going to cum. Not by a LONG SHOT. Anyone who has ever brought a woman to orgasm knows that it takes a lot more than just one specific spot, or a definitive map. Understand that every woman is different. I repeat, EVERY WOMAN IS DIFFERENT. Some women can come to orgasm through penetration. Others can get there through manual or oral stimulation. Some women like clitoris play, others think clitoral stimulation is too much. The only way to be sure what a woman wants is...PAY ATTENTION!

I know it's a wild idea, you know, to actually pay attention to the woman that has allowed you be naked with her in bed (or on the couch, or the back seat of you car, or the desk in your office). If you're doing something, and she's not responding, CHANGE IT UP. You have to be able to improvise. What got your high school girlfriend off will more-than-likely not work with any other woman you meet after that. Hell, you may not be the one that can bring her to orgasm at all-- maybe you hands are too rough, your penis is too small (or too big), or your teeth get in the way.

Ultimately, if a woman is not comfortable, she will never have an orgasm-- even if she is able to have them quite regularly. That would be the first step, boys (and girls)-- make sure your lady is in a place where she can relax and focus. Once a woman is in a place where she is comfortable, it's up to her partner to either do the right thing, or be accommodating enough to make it happen. What does that mean? Well, maybe not engaging in cunnilingus like you're painting a fence. Or working on your stroke ("the motion of the ocean"). Or maybe she needs to be on top, so she can do "the rub"-- or maybe you can do "the rub" for her (the stroke, once again). Maybe you're fucking her too hard...maybe it's not hard enough. Play with her nipples, or not-- she'll let you know. Try different positions. Smack her ass a few times. Bite her neck or her shoulders. Suck on her earlobes. Etc, etc, etc....

In conclusion, fuck the science and fuck your lady...WELL.


soulmate said...

Performing cunnilingus can be one of the most wonderful things you can do for a woman. It makes her feel loved, admired, sexy, and has the potential to give her an exceptional orgasm. Many women prefer it to intercourse, and for those who require a large amount of clitoral stimulation, it is the easiest way to orgasm.

Charles A. Conyers, Jr. said...

I have to agree with you, soulmate. It's right up there with cowboy, missionary, and doggy. A good face-sitting is a wonderful thing.