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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dutches of Alba Marries Alfoso Diez

So what's been going on in the "controversial marriage" department, lately? Look no further than the third marriage for Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, the 85 year-old Dutches of Alba to the 61 year-old "commoner", and Bruce Springsteen impersonator, Alfonso Diez.

Now, you look at that picture above and you're probably thinking-- first of all, what is up with Cayetana's face? And two, Alfonso is a good-looking there is ONLY one reason why he is hooking up with this woman. And that reason has a 4.9 followed by eight zeros, with a dollar sign right in front. The later reason is why her six kids were EXTREMELY skeptical of this guy's intentions, along with their mother's penchant for controversial marriages. So, to prove to her kids that there is nothing but true love involved in this relationship, she divided up her fortune among her kids before they tied the knot. After all, NOTHING says true love like insuring your kids get their inheritance.

Back to Cayetana's face. It appears that she has a thing for plastic surgery. There are many women out there who are horrified by the idea of growing old gracefully and without cutting up their faces in an attempt to regain their youthful appearance. As always, however, many women who go this route end up looking freakish and weird. I mean, just look at what she looked like about 55 years ago:

If she just left her face alone, I think she would have looked far better than she does now. But hey-- it's not my life, or my face. If this makes her feel good, and if Alfonso if happy and in love and be it.

And so we have the Duke and Dutches of Alba. Let's wish them well.

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