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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Debt Ceiling Debacle: Or, What Happened to the "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs"?!

The Debt Ceiling. Most of us have been following this craziness for the last few weeks. Some of you have been following it for a couple of months. A few of you, for several months. Our nation and others have been holding their breath to see if American politicians would continue fighting to the point that the United States would go into default on their debts, which would have sent economies world-wide in to a tail-spin. Today at 11:59pm is the deadline for our political leaders to come to some sort of deal that will stop the US from defaulting, so that we will be able to hold up our financial obligations. With all the drama and hubris surrounding this issue, it's a miracle that anyone in Washington DC can properly order lunch, much less do their jobs properly.

Of course, partisans would argue that they HAVE BEEN doing their jobs. Watching three factions of the Republican Party (leadership/conservatives/'baggers)trying to lead is like watching a developmentally disabled child install a car stereo. It's equally uncomfortable and painful to see wishy-washy Democrats swing windmill their flaccid impotence in the wind. Floating in the middle this is our President. I hear a lot of people blaming Obama for not doing enough. "Doing enough"? Like what? Mark Martin could be driving a Pinto at Talladega-- he's still going to lose. Okay, too abstract? Not a NASCAR fan? Okay-- Michael Jordan could be playing for The Clippers-- he's still going to lose.

So here's the story as I can tell: Raising the debt ceiling is usually a very standard proceedure-- Bush did it 9 times during his administration. The only difference this time is that the teabaggers are in town, and refused to raise the debt limit to try to quell Washington spending. Then, somehow, the budget ended up getting attached to the debt ceiling. Democrats wanted to add "revenue" (or tax hikes on the rich), and Republicans wanted to dismantle "entitlements" (Medicare, Medicade, Social Security, Unemployment). At first no one would budge. Then the Democrats budged. Then they budged some more. Let's be real-- the Democrats gave up the fucking store, and the Republicans did not give in to anything. At one point, there was talk about closing tax loop holes-- what some were calling the "private jet" loop hole. But basically, their "we will not raise taxes on job creators" bullshit won. Leave it to the Republicans to frame a debate to protect the wealthy few over the bulk of the nation.

Now we supposedly have a deal, and it doesn't seem as if anyone is really happy about it. Progressives and liberals hate it. Conservatives and teabaggers hate it. Everyone else seems to be unhappy with the result, but are reluctantly accepting it. That's sad, isn't it? Not that they "have to" accept a bill that they  don't like...but that these idiots are so inept and incompetent that they had to drive this country on the brink of yet another financial disaster because they don't know how to work together. More than that-- these politicians don't serve the American people, they serve the corporations, who are now WORTH MORE THAN THE UNITED STATES TREASURY!

All the while, the same people that were complaining about the lack of jobs in America have been wasting our time on this ridiculous back-and-forth about something as routine as raising the debt ceiling. Meanwhile, people are STRUGGLING-- really struggling. It's horrible when the few people who are actually hiring won't hire someone that's been out of work for an extended period of time-- which is insane to me. These so-called "job creators" that the Republicans are trying to protect are only interested in creating jobs overseas-- and people have to understand that. To rely on the "establishment", as it were, to create the next generation job market is fruitless; the system was not made to accommodate a change in how they do business. And that's the problem-- these people are used to an antiquated business model that is meant to increase profits and exploit the workers.

The time and the energy it took these asshole politicians to mull over this debt crap, they could have come up with a way to get more jobs into the system! But they're not interested in that. The Republicans won a bulk of the mid-term elections last years on "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs". What have they done? Oppose gay marriage, tried to dismantle labor unions, trying to get rid of Medicare/Medicade, and working hard to make sure that President Obama is not elected to another term. This is not what the President wants to be wasting his time on. It must be such a pain-in-the-ass to want to try to do right by the American people, only to have this group of douche-bags CONSTANTLY stone-walling any and every attempt made towards making this country great again.

Republicans don't care about you-- when will you people understand that?! The Democrats are weak and wispy-- and step on any necks to get what they want! Either way, this country is becoming more and more of a laughing stock internationally. We are seen as a bunch of bungling idiots, who's politicians are more concerned with keeping their own jobs than doing right by America. What these politicians need is to LOSE their jobs! But what good would that do? They'd only get hired by the corporations they were trying to protect to begin with.

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