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Monday, August 22, 2011

Republican Congressman is the NEW Harriet Tubman

Politicians never seem to run out of stupid things to say. Case in point, Republican Congressman from Florida Allen West. This fellow recently made a statement that was not only moronic, but SO GODDAMNED hypocritical that it makes the head spin, then pop off, and fall into the toilet.

Now, there are not that many blacks in the Republican party. To wit, they are often maligned by other blacks as being akin to an Uncle Tom; how could they embrace and be a part of a party whose members have proven to be anything but inclusive of blacks. These are a small number of people that have strong political differences from the Democratic party. These are people that may consider themselves to be Conservatives-- both fiscally and socially. Like any Conservative, one of their many issues are with Liberal programs, or "entitlements", that they feel coddle and pamper the poor and the other words, things like welfare and unemployment insurance make people lazy. I don't know about you, but I've had to collect unemployment checks...and NOTHING is more of a motivator than busting your ass to earn a REAL salary!

Many Republicans feel that when it comes to the "Black Vote" (coveted by some, scoffed at and ignored by others), they say that Democrats have taken black folks for granted. In other words, the reason why black folks want nothing to do with Republicans is because they will always automatically vote for Democrats. There is a frustration with some black Republicans in getting more of "their people" on what they feel is the right side (literally). Especially now, with a black Democratic president, their is a perception that blacks will NEVER turn to the Republican party. But now, with Black unemployment higher than it's ever been, many Republicans (black AND white) are starting to ask black folks: How well off were you BEFORE Barack Obama?

This is the issue at hand here-- the recession in America has hit no other group as hard as blacks. While the unemployment rate for the nation is at about 9.1%, for blacks it's more like 15%. Now, there were hopes (and fears) that once a black president was elected, that blacks would just take over EVERYTHING. You heard white folks fearing their jobs, homes, livelihood would be overtaken and overrun by black folks. At the same time, you had black folks convinced that they would be living on Easy Street, now that there was a black president. Both of these groups were wrong, then AND now, and for the remainder of Obama's time in office (yes, he WILL get re-elected).

When you look at the circumstances effecting this country, you start to see a pattern. That pattern transcends race; it just happens to effect it ONLY by proxy, in regards to our history. Blacks in America were at one point the slave class. At the end of the slave era, there was a surge to in the black community to better themselves-- they built schools and churches, got involved in government, built homes and town halls-- blacks were on the way to growing into a substantial and respectable group. That is, until the Confederates were pardoned and allowed to extract their revenge on what free blacks had created. Everything that blacks had built was destroyed. Any man, or woman, who worked at making a difference was killed. Blacks were shunned, beaten, demoralized, excluded from nearly EVERY ASPECT of American life. And because the law would do NOTHING to stop these things from happening, from there grew a complacency built from fear, terror, and disregard. These days, the fear and terror are no longer there...but the complacency is so imbedded in the community that it will take severe measures to rectify it.

Education; the link to solving ALL problems that plague our people. That is what is not only missing from our country, but is DESPERATELY lacking in the black community. The same type of education that, in the pre-Emancipation era would have gotten one killed, is what will empower and elevate a group-- ANY group. America is in a very anti-science/anti-intellectual mindset at the moment. Black folks are going to be effected by this the most. It is because of the lack of education in America that we are getting slaughtered in the global market. Kids in China and India are outpacing kids in America by numbers that are nothing but embarrassing. A lack of education has crippled our economy and is contributing to the high unemployment rate. These are problems that have been mounting and growing for well over a decade...but of course, it's all Obama's fault. And not just him-- when it comes to the failures and disappointments in the black community, it's also the fault black leadership...and according to Allen West, Democratic Representative Maxine Waters is a big part of that problem.

Maxine Waters made  headlines last week while speaking to folks at a jobs fair in Atlanta by begging President Obama to pay more attention to the problems in the black community. She says that many blacks are disappointed by Obama, because they feel that he is not doing enough for blacks. Personally, I think this is bullshit-- I mean, if Hillary Clinton had won the White House, or John McCain...the black community would STILL be is despair. It has NOTHING TO DO with Obama's lack of willingness to help blacks...the problem is that many blacks REFUSE TO HELP THEMSELVES! I am sick and tired of hearing black folks complain about how they don't have this or that, or how whites are still holding them back-- typical bullshit. When I look at my family, and black friends...I don't see people that are suffering! I see people that are hard working, who never had to play the victim role to get what they wanted. There are plenty of black folks out there that bust their ass, get an education, and work HARD. So when I hear these other blacks bitch, it makes me sick. Stop being a fucking victim and DO SOMETHING with yourself! But I digress...
After Rep. Waters made these statements, Allen West appeared on the O'Reilly Factor, and was asked about what he feels about this issue:

If this guy is Harriet Tubman, I'm W.E.B. DuBois. So, he is the savior that will help lead black folks out of the clutches of the evil, enabling Democrats, huh? Well, that's a very noble cause, and very big of him to get involved. Well, it WOULD be...but, you see-- the thing is that Rep. West has a brother (not "brotha", but an actual sibling), who has been out of work for a long time. Arlan West (wow-- those are some uncreative parents right there) went to his brother to ask him what he should do about finding a job. Do you know what Allen West, the Republican "Harriet Tubman" fighting against the Democratic overseers, told his brother to do? Go to the job's fair in Atlanta, and find Maxine Waters to ask her for help.


This motherfucker-- this hypocritical, arrogant, obnoxious, do-nothing shit-bird tells his brother to go to a Democrat for help!!!!! Can you fucking believe that-- after all the talk about how Democrats don't do shit for people, specifically black folks, and pointing out how Maxine Waters herself does NOTHING to really help the black community...he has the BALLS to send his brother to her.

Can you believe that?! I mean, this is somewhat stunning to me-- how the hell do you talk that much shit about someone, and then use them to try to help your family?! Allen West is either the dumbest motherfucker out there, OR he's just an asshole politician playing the game. Either way, what does this bullshit do to serve our country, or the people in it? This is just a fucking game to most of the people in Washington. And it doesn't look like any of this is going to stop any time soon.

So Allen-- or, should I say "Harriet"-- how's it feel to surrender your kin to the overseer on the plantation? That is TRULY some Uncle Tom bullshit right there....

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