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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Al Sharpton V. Pat Buchanan

Oh brother. Or should I say "brotha".

Pat Buchanan has a habit of saying stupid things. It's who he is,  it's what he does. Granted, there are times that he makes some very astute political points, especially being that he's a conservative. But that's the thing, he's a true conservative in the classic sense, when it comes to economic and domestic issues. However, when it comes to basic human common sense...sometimes he falls a bit short.

Al Sharpton has recently been named a regular host of a show on MSNBC. This is a great thing, considering the road that he's had to travel to get to that point. He's a very VERY divisive and controversial figure that is a mere shadow of the person he was back in the day-- back in the track suit-wearing days. He's become an elder statesman, of sorts-- and has a lot of smart things to say. He is also of a generation that has seen some ugly things in America. So when Pat Buchanan made a remark, calling President Obama Al's "boy" can guess how that played out:

What white folks have to understand is that when you have CENTURIES of American history to reference with regards to really need to pay attention to what you say, and who you say it to. Now, Pat may very well have not meant "boy" in the context that Sharpton took it...but Mr. Sharpton was of a generation that was called the "N-Word" openly, and without apology. Whether or not you think this is an irrelevant issue, or "making a mountain out of a mole hill"...yo­u cannot disregard the experience­s that older black folks have had in this country. Believe me-- I've heard many stories from my family about some of the outlandish things that white folks have said to them-- things that today would get some of these people beat up.

My father, my mother, grandparents, even I have been called a "nigger" by some ignorant-piece-of-shit white coward.  I definitely say "coward" in my case because "nigger" has usually been shouted at me from a moving car. One time in elementary school, this kid named Stephen Rosen called me a "black ape" because I grabbed him for shoving my cousin (a girl) to the ground. After he called me that, I wrapped my hands around his throat and had to be pried off by three other guys.

This story is sort of in line with another "incidental racial comment" made by Representative Doug Lamborn, when he compared Obama's association with the debt ceiling debate to a "tar baby":

Honestly, I don't know what these people are thinking. ESPECIALLY when you are of a generation that should know better! Of course, both of these men gave half-assed apologies for "misspeaking". It's funny how these people are always having to defend themselves by saying that they "misspoke".  Anyone that has read my writing or listened to me talk knows that I can say some pretty controversial things. And I always mean what I say-- I hardly ever "misspeak". In other words, I don't walk back comments that some people may find offensive. Have I been misinformed on certain things? Sure I have-- and I will correct myself when that happens. But you'll never see me walking back comments like, say, the one I made above about "ignorant-piece-of-shit white cowards" in the context of them calling me a "nigger" from a moving car. I meant exactly what I said. And so did these people. They knew EXACTLY what they were saying...but because they are politicians or pundants, and got a shit-storm of backlash...they had to apologize. But they would never say "I said something ignorant and stupid, and I'm sorry"...they say "I misspoke". Bull. Shit.

Some white folks wonder why it is that black folks still complain about racism in this country. Well, it's because some of you have your heads up your ass, and don't know your history. Pick up a book, and learn something. And maybe you'll start to see a change.

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