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Friday, July 22, 2011

Chapelle's Show Co-Creator Neal Brennan Offers Other Side of Show's Demise

Fans of Chapelle's Show were DEVISTATED by the seemingly sudden end of a true comedy classic. All we knew was that Dave was offered $50 million dollars...then he ran away to Africa. When he appeared on Oprah, he talked about how Comedy Central tried to take control of the show-- for example, telling him that he used the word "nigger" too much. He said that there were too many people trying to control the show, and the racial themes of the show began to take on a life of their own-- making them seems more racist than social commentary. This is what we heard from Dave himself. But what about the other half of the show? Co-creator Neal Brennan was a silent partner in this entire discussion...until now.

Last month, Neal Brennan appeared on Joe Rogan's podcast and told his side of the story...and some of what he has to say is absolutely surprising. It seems as if the end of Chapelle's Show was predominately driven by politics, money, and ego. Hearing this is very sad and unfortunate. It's a goddamn shame.

Check it out here.

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