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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony Found NOT GUILTY?!?!?!?!?!




I am completely and totally SHOCKED and STUNNED. This must be how you white folks felt when O.J. was acquitted-- granted, I was shocked when he was acquitted too. Just as in this case, I was ABSOLUTELY SURE that this murdering twat was going to the fucking chair! But, once again, the justice system speaks...and vomits and shits. She was found not guilty on all but one counts; she will be convicted of lying to, and misleading police officers.

So, the jury bought the "dysfunctional family" and "crazy behavior" theory. Never mind the fact that this bitch used chloroform to drug her kid. Never mind the fact that the little girl's face was duct taped to prevent her from breathing. And never mind the fact that the body was dumped in a swamp for the animals to get at. Forget all of that shit. This fucking murderous whore, this emotionally-bankrupt twat-- THIS TRASH got off FREE AND CLEAR!!!!!!!!

Wow, man-- I really don't know what to say. Right now, I am a ball of surging emotion, unable to articulate in detail how I feel about this. As a father, I am absolutely furious. As a human being, I want to burn down the nearest courthouse.

What the fuck is wrong with our legal system?! How is it that things can be THIS fucked up?! I mean, at least O.J. eventually ended up in jail-- for unrelated shit, but at least SOME justice was served. This is absolutely unacceptable. It's sad. It's awful. That poor little two year-old girl was murdered by her skank of a mother. However, the jury has clearly felt that there was not enough evidence to convict Casey Anthony for it.  That little baby girl died in vain. That's the saddest thing of all about this bullshit. That little girl, who was suffocated to death, and whose body was left to decompose in a swamp and serve as food for whatever animals found her....and NO ONE will be held accountable for it.

She may get four years for lying to police. Big. Fucking. Deal. If she DOES end up in jail, I say we all collectively offer a reward to the first one of her fellow inmates that shanks her in the throat.

My heart and soul weeps for Caylee Anthony. At the same time, I'm sort-of glad that she doesn't have to deal with her mother-- the sperm-receptacle that will be free to be air-tight with as many men as she'd like. Let's hope that she can get herself fixed so she doesn't have to put another child through this disgrace again.

I am disgusted.


Just announced today-- Casey Anthony was sentenced to four years, but with time served may only end up in jail for another couple of weeks before she is released.

I'm hearing a lot of speculation about whether or not Anthony will get a book deal. I honestly don't think anyone needs to worry about this. Even if there is someone out there willing to write her story, do you honestly think ANY reputable publisher would distribute it? I mean, there's always self-publishing...but who would buy it?

Remember the last acquitted murderer to get a book deal?


Anonymous said...

Dude I'm pissed to but being to hatefull and sayign you;d pay to have her shanked. I mean comon, what if she really was innocent (for some fucked up reason). I dunno. I feel people are just as nuts as her.

Charles A. Conyers, Jr. said...

It's called hyperbole, my friend. See, that's one of the points of my blog-- it's a way for me to vent about certain issues. If you read some of the other posts, you'd definitely see a pattern in that respect.