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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Asian Girls in Kermit Suits MEME

Here's the latest and greatest for all you Asian fetishists out there. It's a Tumblr called "Fuck Yeah AZN Girls in Kermit Suits and Friends". This is similar to the "SFW Porn" phenomena from damn near five years ago, although not really as clever or funny.

I don't know if I really get this Asian girl thing. Well, I GET IT-- it's just not my thing. Sure, Asian girls are cute-- but so are black, Hispanic, white, etc.... I think the only reason this particular meme "works" is the fetishism that follows Asian girls. I mean, I think the only other thing that could work in this vain is "nerdy girls in Kermit Suits". Then there are things like "Hot Chicks with Books":

...then there's "Sleeping Cuties":

So, there you go. Straight boys love ladies. Straight boys are also strange, and like strange things.

Blame the penis.