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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wii U

Today at the E3 conference, Nintendo has announced their new follow-up console for the Wii called "Wii U". I have to say, after hearing and reading about all the speculation about what this new system would be, I had no idea what to really expect. The only thing I did know is that whatever it was, it would be truly impressive. Ho-lee-shite, man...THIS thing is impressive! Once again, Nintendo has revolutionized the gaming industry!

Check this out:

Are these m'f'ers smart, or what?! TABLET COMPUTING on a home console! It's basically converting an iPad into a video game console controller! You can use the new controller in tandem with the Wii U console, OR use it independently-- like holding the controller and the monitor in your hands! And this controller is insane-- gyroscope, accelerometer, camera, rumble AND touchscreen! There are such a variety of game play options, it really is like nothing you've ever played before!

There wasn't really much info available during the presentation regarding tech specs for the system. From what I've read on IGN, the Wii U hardware will be more powerful that the PS3 and XBox 360! Very exciting, man...! Not to mention that the system will be backwards-compatible, all the way to Game Cube!

 So, I guess this means that Microsoft and Sony will be scrambling to add some kind of tablet interface to their systems. I know they will, especially since both of these companies were sure that "Motion Control" was some silly gimmick that would never catch on. Just goes to show-- don't underestimate a company that has been making games since before ANY OF US was born!

I've gotta start saving now. I KNOW my daughter will want this (and so will Dad!).

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