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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Red State" to be released via VOD on Labor Day 2011

I've been having this conversation for a few months now. I LOVE going to movies! Unfortunately, I don't have the time to get to the theaters. As of now, there are at least 4 movies that I would love to see, but I have no idea if I will actually get to a theater to see them! Over the years, since we have seen the window between theatrical and DVD/VOD release is shrinking, it's difficult to see why the studios won't just release new films at a premium price for home viewing! Shit, I would GLADLY pay $20-$40 to watch "Super 8" or "X-Men First Class" at home!

Moments ago, Kevin Smith has announced that Lion's Gate will be releasing his new film "Red State" through VOD on Labor Day-- one month before its schedule theatrical release, which will be modeled after his Red State Tour from earlier this year (which includes his Q&A appearance).

This is a SUPER smart move. This is where it's all going, anyway. With sky-rocketing advertising and distribution costs, the coveted "Theatrical Run" is giving way to simply presenting good content-- no matter the medium! People are watching more content on their phones (coming this year in 3D), and tablets, and laptops than on their televisions. People are finding less and less time to devoting 2 hours to sitting in a theater with uncomfortable seats and loud and obnoxious people. All that matters is the content, people! Sure, there are some "event movies" that work really well in theaters on IMAX screens, and in 3D and such...but there aren't that many movies like that being made. What about all the other stuff out there that can be enjoyed just as much (and maybe more so) at home than in a theater?

It will be so great to be able to watch this at home. And I look forward to seeing other films released this way.

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