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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Newsweeks' "Diana at 50": Why?

File this under shit NO ONE asked for...well, except for the Anglophile nerds...

Newsweek decided to "grace" their cover this week with a "What if" image of Princess Diana if she were alive today, walking next to her son's wife Kate Middleton. Shitty Photoshop work aside, this is just plain silly. This seems like something that Vogue, or Us Weekly, or the National Enquire would do, NOT Newsweek!

Ever wanted to see what Diana would look like at 50, holding an iPhone?

There you go. Is your life complete now?

It's a cute little piece, I guess-- if you're into this kind of thing. It's no different than putting clips of old actors into modern films or bad television commercials. Didn't think a news magazine would find this worthy. Seems to me that this is nothing but a cheap publicity stunt to sell more magazines.

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