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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Modeling Industry HATES Black Girls

File this one under " shit!"

Liz Jones with The Mail Online wrote an article dealing with this so-called problem within the fashion industry. The "bombshell" came from Naomi Campbell's agent Carole White, who speaks "bluntly" about how many the European (and American-- let's make no mistake) fashion industry does not like to use black girls on the runway, or in magazines. Now, while I'm sure there are a variety of passive-aggressive reasons why this is happening (one of the excuses is that "photographers don't know how to light black skin"), the only reason is the Western and European idea of beauty is light skinned, scrawny, and...quite frankly...ugly.

Not for nothing, but...can anyone tell me what is attractive about any of those "women"? This is the stuff that they want to parade out in front of us as the ONLY image of beauty. This is basically what gay men imagine if they HAD TO fuck a woman. BMI numbers aside, these are not attractive women to me. Sure, there are some very attractive skinny girls out there-- no doubt. But I'm sorry-- the ladies that these vapid fashion fuck-tards put on display for us leaves me with a soft penis.

I feel sorry for these girls, and the girls that have to look at this shit in the magazines they buy. The fashion industry imposes such incredible bullshit on these girls-- from the bad makeup to the ugly clothes, and the horrible hair soaked in pounds of product. Why would ANY self-respecting, attractive young lady want to be a part of this?

I have a five year-old daughter who is half white and half black. She is beginning to experience what it means to have curly hair and brown skin-- people are often commenting on both. Every now and then, when she talks to me about her hair or her skin, I tell her the truth: "There are people that would do ANYTHING to have your hair AND your complexion." It's the truth! I see it every day when I go on my walk on the Christopher Street pier. You can find a sea of pale white skin laying out trying DESPERATELY to have what my daughter and I were born with. Call it copper tone, bronze, brown, tan, black-- whatever...they ALL WANT IT. Not too much, of course-- no white person wants to venture into "nigger" territory. Like Paul Mooney says, "Everyone wants to be a nigger, but they don't wanna be a nigger."

Of course, this does not go on in the fashion industry. No, they need their women to look like they've been locked in a cave with no food for 3 months before they get photographed or paraded around in horrible clothes.

On top of all that, I NEVER hear guys talk about these women! I hear guys talk about Beyonce, and Coco, and Kim Kardashian... one who loves women talks about fashion runway girls.

And when it comes to these black models that impotent fashionistas don't like:


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