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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mark Halperin Suspended for Calling Obama a "dick"

I saw it happen live this morning. During the intro to a discussion on President Obama's news conference about the Debt Ceiling, Scarborough jokingly asked regular contributor/author Mark Halperin to say something honest about Obama's speech. Halperin said "I thought he was a dick". Everyone was CLEARLY in shock but kind of laughing about it. The problem is that Morning Joe has had a 7-second delay since 2008 (Scarborough said "fuck" on air). There is now a new producer, who was allegedly unaware of this delay, which meant that Halperin's statement went out live:

Ooops. He's been suspended from MSNBC indefinitely. See what happens when you try to be all edgy? Michael Richards, Tracy Morgan,  Mark Halperin. Seriously dude, calling the President a "dick" on live national television...?

Dick move.

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