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Friday, June 17, 2011

Hey Democrats...Your Weiner's Out...

So, they did it. The Democrat's forced Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign. I have to say that while I knew this was coming, I was hoping that I was wrong. But here we are.

Ever since the election of Barack Obama, I have seen the Democrats make one dumb move after another. Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming Barry H. for the sack-less actions of the Democrats; he can only do so much to get these idiots into shape. Could he have done a bit more? I think so. I understand some of his motivations for not kicking  his party in the ass for the sake of bipartisanship with the assholes in the Republican Party. I cannot, however, get behind this.

Again, I knew that as soon as the dick and balls shot came out (no pun intended), Weiner's would be finished. It's one thing to have a sex scandal being the talk of the town, it's another thing to have your sex scandal with visual aides. Sure, there have been FAR WORSE sex scandals out there...but none of them featured self portraits of body parts.

Yet, I have to believe that if Weiner was a Republican, his job would be secure. Why? Because say what you will about the GOP, they stick with their own. Democrats, not so much. They threw this guy under the bus as soon as they could. That more-than-likely had to do with the fact that Weiner did not have many friends on Capitol Hill. Sure, he was a harsh critic of the Republican Party...but he was equally harsh with Democrats. Rightfully so-- because the Dems have fucked up FAR TOO MANY great opportunities to get great legislation passed, and they ended up either watering it down, or blowing it completely.

The Democrats kind of remind me of my current job situation. The guy that runs my division is an okay enough fellow...but if you challenge him, or question his decisions, or actions, or motivations...or, god forbid, criticize his get side-lined, ignored, and slighted. It's incredibly frustrating when you are trying to do right by your organization, but someone keeps cock-blocking you from doing your job effectively. That's what the Democrats did to Weiner, and Alan Grayson. These are guys that they need-- Democrats with balls, who can't be pushed around, who are not afraid of Republicans, and say what need to be said-- ALL FOR THE SAKE of doing their job. But...the leadership doesn't see it that way. They don't like to be criticized, especially by their own. So they decided to take the "bitch" route, and when the opportunity presented itself...they got rid of him.

This is one of the most passive-aggressive political moves I've seen. They got rid of a guy that they assumed was expendable, but turns out to be one of their most valuable and important voices. Grated, Weiner fucked up, and got himself into this situation. But for all he's done for his party and his one had his back. How does this bode for other Democrats who are more interested in doing right by the American people, as opposed to sticking their nose up their party leaders asses?

Say what you will about the Republicans...but at least they're loyal.

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