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Friday, June 10, 2011

Cock Shots, and the Women Who Hate Them

When people first starting using the internet for dating, there was a lot of skepticism-- particularly from women. Many people thought that only losers would use a computer to try to find dates. That wasn't the case at all...for the most part. It was always just another way to meet people-- like going to bar, or a club, or someplace like that. In some ways, it was a much better way to gauge whether or not someone was attracted to you. It was also an easy way to get to know someone before hand, as a way to break the ice and get that awkward nervousness out of the way, or to weed out the weirdos from the good ones. While all of those things were true, it proved that meeting someone on line was a much different experience than meeting someone in person. Online, you are almost hiding behind a different persona-- a representative, or avatar, of your true self. An online presence allows people to let their guard down, and do or say things that they may not be able to in public. It erases all inhibitions.

In reading through women's profiles, there was a phrase that I often saw repeated-- no matter which dating site I was on: "Please, penis pics". I always thought that was kind of odd. What idiot in their right mind would send someone unsolicited penis pictures? A lot of idiots, actually. I was shocked to discover from the women I was meeting online that on average they would get 10 penis shots per week(!). It's unbelievable, the number of these "self-portraits" that are floating around out there. Apparently, MANY guys think that seeing their dick is a selling point. The only problem's not.

As a guy, I know what it's like to have a penis. I have to tell you, and a lot of you women out there will scoff at this, but it's true....having a penis is a complicated enterprise! They say that men are pigs, and it's true-- we are. We are sex-crazed idiots, with varying degrees of control; not many of us are evolved enough to know how to control our cravings. See, blood rushes to the penis to make it hard. When that happens, nothing is getting to the brain, and therefore we do some STUPID SHIT when it comes to our sexual urges.

Now granted, there is the RARE occurrence when a woman would ask you to send a picture of your dick-- for some women, they wanted to know what they were getting into upfront. Some women want their men to have a good cock-- whether they want it for a good time, or a long time. That didn't happen often AT ALL. It's as rare as a woman telling you that she really likes anal sex; you'd be better off hunting for Big Foot, or a unicorn. More often than not, you should expect a woman to not be interested.

I think it goes without saying that women and men are wired differently in many respects, especially when it comes to sex. The way to get into a woman's panties is through her mind; when or if she is ready, she will gladly put out. It doesn't take much at all for guys to get going. Now that it's summer time, for example, women are wearing less and less; loose blouses, skirts, short shorts, sandals, sun dresses...for a straight man, these are all really swell things to see! For those of us committed to our ladies, we enjoy seeing them dress like this. All we need to see is some skin and the imagination starts flowing, along with the blood. We are usually ready within moments. And if we have no outlet...its rough. It's extremely difficult to contend with a rock-hard schlong-- especially in public. When it's hard, you wanna touch it...but you can't. Well, you shouldn't-- I've had women tell me about guys that jerk off in subways and in parks (fucking gross). I saw a guy once laying on the ground in a subway passage way, jerking off in his pants to a porn magazine. The worse part of that(!) was that the passage way reeked of feces. Didn't matter to this guy-- he apparently needed to jerk off that badly.

For most of us evolved men, this goes without saying-- YOU HAVE TO CONTROL YOUR DICK! You have to-- because women are growing weary of the bullshit, fellas. You have to realize that when they want to see your shit, THEY WILL TELL YOU! Believe me, straight women love dick as much as gay guys do-- people who love dick, LOVE IT. And if you really want someone to touch it, stop acting like a depraved idiot. If you see some hot chick, take mental pictures and wait until you get home so you can jerk it like a monkey in a cage. If you really want that sexy lady online to be interested in eventually seeing your naked cock, try getting to know her first. Sure, it may mean that you have to wait a few days, or a week or two-- but it's SO WORTH IT to have a woman actually WANT to see it, and touch it!

I see these pictures of Rep. Anthony Weiner, and I can't help but be disappointed with his conduct...but I understand. When I was single, I couldn't wait to meet some chick to get to know and eventually roll around naked with. That's they key word-- WAIT. Especially this day and age, when all the porn you could ever want is available ANY TIME YOU NEED IT! You don't need to creep out some unsuspecting woman with your animal urges, when you can get off in the comfort of your own home. Hell, if you need to, take a sick day and jerk off the whole time. And leave the cameras alone while you're doing it; you're wasting good stroke time fiddling with a camera shutter.

So that's it, guys. Women will let you know when they want to see it. You just have to be more patient, and have more control. Otherwise, you're just some creepy weirdo that will insure that no one but yourself will touch your dick for a VERY LONG TIME. And you don't want that, do you?

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