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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Paliament-Funkadelic Mother Ship Lands at Smithsonian

In 2015, the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture will open to the public. It was just announced today that one of the props that will be placed in the permanent music collection is a replica of the Mother Ship stage prop used during Parliament Funkadelic's 1976 tour.

If you've never seen the concert, it's required viewing

I grew up listening to these guys; they were one of my dad's favorite groups. It was very interesting to me to hear all the hip hop in the earlier 1990s that were using samples from these songs I listened to back in the 70s (Dr. Dre and Snoop were among of the first to start using P-Funk in their songs). 

It's fun to see these guys getting some landmark props like this-- having an artifact of theirs on display in a Smithsonian museum is a big deal. It'll also get a lot of kids a bit more interested in the original performers of the looped and hacked garbage they listen to today-- maybe get them to realize that before computers, people actually had to PLAY their instruments!

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