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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Microsoft Buys Skype for $8.5 Billion Dollars

Wow, this was news to me. But it's not all that surprising. Apple is ruling right now as the America's biggest brand. Steve Jobs has taken a dying company, and converted it into the telecommunication and computing giant it is today-- possibly thanks to putting an "i" in front of their product names. Well, not that they are ONLY just a snappy name-- they have created the most iconic tech tools (and toys) in the world today! Think about it-- what was the cell phone before the iPhone? What was the portable music system before the iPod? What was portable computing before the iPad? Let's not forget that each of these devices now has a camera on it, which can be used with their Face Time software-- which means Jetson's time!

This stuff can actually be done RIGHT NOW! Nearly every one of you has a camera on your computer and can, with whatever software you use, can talk to other people who have cameras on their computers! And what do most people use to communicate through their computers? Skype. I just downloaded Skype a few weeks ago, but I am yet to use it. I know many people on Facebook, however, that do use it-- and have used it for years!

Now that Microsoft has bought it...I think we're going to see the next step towards that Jetson's telecom future. Imagine that XBox Kinect will  have a Skype app. When that happens, we should all rename our dogs "Astro"! Now, all we have to do is perfect the flying car...

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