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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Follow the Woman: Christian Amanpour Called Bin Laden's Location 3 Years Ago

I have to admit that I am not feeling the seismic shift that the death of Osama Bin Laden has brought out of many Americans. When I saw the video of the people cheering in the streets, I just...I dunno, I wasn't THAT happy. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that murdering, spoiled, rich-kid douchebag is dead-- but it's nothing that I would want to take to the streets. Celebrating a death that boisterously is a bit odd to me. American's have an odd history of celebrating the death of undesirables. That always seemed barbarous to me.

Anyway, when they announced that Bin Laden had "bin hidin'" is a mansion/compound in Pakistan, I immediately remembered someone in the press saying that he was hiding in some villa in Pakistan...but I couldn't remember who said it! Now I know. This weekend on Real Time, Bill Maher showed this clip while discussing the Pakistan issue:

I hadn't realized how long ago that was-- 3 years ago! This was 3-4 years after he moved into that "villa". And I love how everyone talks over and through her revelation-- not that I don't love Garry Shandling, or Bill Maher's need to squeeze out yet another Sarah Palin joke. But hey, what did they know? What did any of them know? Every one of us had this vision of Osama as this sickly dialysis patient, some cave-dwelling troll-- like Gollum. We were all told by the experts that he was irrelevant to the amorphous entity known as "Al Qaida". George Bush said that he didn't spend a lot of time thinking about him. It took the CIA over 7 years to acquire an actionable lead, and 2 years since Barack Obama decided to act on that lead. All the while, Mrs. Amanpour practically had the damn address!

That's kind of a puzzling thing, though. Did Amanpour think that lead was credible? Or did she just figure it was additional folklore about America's "greatest enemy" (that is, besides a bankrupt education system, misguided health care, and piss-poor infrastructure). Maybe she did not believe that her source really, truly had the proper info. May she DID approach the Bush Administration with this information, and they just didn't bother following up on it. How could anyone NOT KNOW where this guy was-- and don't even get me started about Pakistan and their ISI-- you mean to tell me that this guy lived less than 2 miles away from your national military academy, in a town inhabited primarily by former and current military and intelligence officials...YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT NO ONE KNEW BIN LADEN WAS THERE?! You can get fired from McDonald's for far less incompetence than this-- there is no fucking excuse for this...UNLESS you are a part of the problem, then it makes perfect sense.

I guess the reason why Obama wanted to spend that 2 years of investigation is so that he could, in fact, sort through all the bullshit to get the most current and important intel possible. The thing that I think of is all the squandered time, money, energy and lives that it took to fight a war against a guy that we DID NOT ENGAGE-- and, in fact, let thrive and flourish! When you think that it took 40 minutes to take out a guy that we've started 2 wars for, over 10 years's a bit depressing. It's horrible how quickly, easily, and abundantly we throw money at war, while our people get increasing uneducated, financially deficient and helplessly dependent on a system that wants to keep you down-- that NEEDS to keep you down in order to feed the top 2%.

Now that Bin Laden is dead...well, we still have a bit more time of sorting through information and analyzing it. I think most Americans, however, have all the information they need: OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD. That's all they every wanted-- a revenge killing.

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