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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver SEPERATED

Are any of us surprised? Honestly, I kinda am. Who'd have thought that one of the most high profile Hollywood couples would call it quits? Okay, that's a loaded question-- it seems like they all split up after a while. But wow-- this was a pretty powerful couple. Oh well...

Apparently, Miss Shriver has been contemplating divorce since 2009. That's the thing that should give all men pause-- she was thinking about leaving this guy for TWO YEARS before. That's gotta be crushing, to know that in those two years you were being scrutinized like that for two years by this person that you think still loves you. The truth is, in her eyes, she left two years ago. She just needed time to mourn it, accept it, and let you know.

According to TMZ's sources, every time Maria wanted to leave him, one of her parents died. When she was going to leave in 2009, her mother died. Then she wanted to leave in January of this year, then her dad died.. Sources also say that she had been fed up with....wait for it....Arnold's infidelity. Wow, some Hollywood asshole stickin' his dick any vag he can. That is disappointing to hear-- I really like Arnold; as an actor and personality, not a politician. I hate seeing men do this stupid shit-- why do these guys want to fuck over a woman that they claim they love, and then marry? How could you continue to humiliate them for YEARS, and then when they want to want to act hurt. That's the word, too-- that Schwarzenegger is busting his ass to get Maria to stay. But I think she's gone...and she won't be back.

I'm sure more information will be released later on. I'm not sure I'll be too interested in knowing more than I do now. I hate broken relationship stories-- they're very sad to me.

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