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Friday, May 20, 2011

"God Is Doing a New Thang"

This is something. In fact, I haven't an ounce of commentary to add to this video:

How about those dance moves?

Oh-oh-oh-OH YEAH! Do-ih-do-ih-do-ih-DO IT!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Paliament-Funkadelic Mother Ship Lands at Smithsonian

In 2015, the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture will open to the public. It was just announced today that one of the props that will be placed in the permanent music collection is a replica of the Mother Ship stage prop used during Parliament Funkadelic's 1976 tour.

If you've never seen the concert, it's required viewing

I grew up listening to these guys; they were one of my dad's favorite groups. It was very interesting to me to hear all the hip hop in the earlier 1990s that were using samples from these songs I listened to back in the 70s (Dr. Dre and Snoop were among of the first to start using P-Funk in their songs). 

It's fun to see these guys getting some landmark props like this-- having an artifact of theirs on display in a Smithsonian museum is a big deal. It'll also get a lot of kids a bit more interested in the original performers of the looped and hacked garbage they listen to today-- maybe get them to realize that before computers, people actually had to PLAY their instruments!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fight Club Students Suspended and Expelled

Kids are kicking ass all over the country. Two incidents within the last three months involving young boys starting their own fight clubs have resulted in suspension and expulsion.

In Naperville, Chicago eight junior high students were suspended from school after police discovered that they were organizing after school in the boys locker room and off-campus for UFC-style fighting competitions. In Tacoma,Washington  nine 6th graders were expelled for their fight clubs. In both instances, the boys had established a set of rules (such as tap-outs, code words, and no hitting in the face), and had posted dozens of videos of the fights on YouTube (dumb move).  The boys insist that no one was seriously injured, save the occasional black eye or bloody lip.

Well, what can you say about this? I can say that I have some mixed feelings. On one hand, being a father of 2 kids (a 5 year old girl, and 12 week old boy), I can't stand the thought of someone's little shit taking a swing at my kid (I'm assuming the boy would be fighting, not my little lady). On the other hand, as someone who has been in a few fist fights...maybe this isn't such a bad thing. I mean, I was in grade school in the 70s and 80s-- definitely pre-Columbine-- and this was how disputes were settled; no one brought weapons or any of that bullshit. Fighting was the kind of thing that horrified your mother, and intrigued your father. It was how you gained a certain amount of credibility among your piers. It's like in the animal kingdom-- like rams butting their heads together to see who's the strongest. Not too far-fetched, we are animals after all...except in these cases, these weren't "grudge matches". These were competitions, like in the movie and the book.

The kiddie Fight Club phenomena is not new. Since about 2007, there had been some concerns expressed from news media outlets about something they called "helmet boxing" which was a growing trend that-- as they reported-- could possibly lead to life-long brain damage, among other things:

Well, the idiots in these videos appear to have a "no rules" approach, which I can't condone. The kids in that video are just as bad as the kids that burned their house down after watching Beavis and Butthead. It's like the financial industry-- if things go on unregulated, someone's gonna get fucked. I cannot condone knuckle-heads fucking around without precautions.

So, there you have it. David Fincher, Brad Pitt and Edward Norton are contributing to the corruption of America's youth. Either that, or America's youth are retarded.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Man Flips Out On NYC Subway

Well...this is something.

From the Hunts Point Avenue stop on the 6 train comes this video from a subway passenger of a man that has, for some reason, snapped.

Well, I know we can gather that he has some sort of problem with niggers and jews, and cops too!

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver SEPERATED

Are any of us surprised? Honestly, I kinda am. Who'd have thought that one of the most high profile Hollywood couples would call it quits? Okay, that's a loaded question-- it seems like they all split up after a while. But wow-- this was a pretty powerful couple. Oh well...

Apparently, Miss Shriver has been contemplating divorce since 2009. That's the thing that should give all men pause-- she was thinking about leaving this guy for TWO YEARS before. That's gotta be crushing, to know that in those two years you were being scrutinized like that for two years by this person that you think still loves you. The truth is, in her eyes, she left two years ago. She just needed time to mourn it, accept it, and let you know.

According to TMZ's sources, every time Maria wanted to leave him, one of her parents died. When she was going to leave in 2009, her mother died. Then she wanted to leave in January of this year, then her dad died.. Sources also say that she had been fed up with....wait for it....Arnold's infidelity. Wow, some Hollywood asshole stickin' his dick any vag he can. That is disappointing to hear-- I really like Arnold; as an actor and personality, not a politician. I hate seeing men do this stupid shit-- why do these guys want to fuck over a woman that they claim they love, and then marry? How could you continue to humiliate them for YEARS, and then when they want to want to act hurt. That's the word, too-- that Schwarzenegger is busting his ass to get Maria to stay. But I think she's gone...and she won't be back.

I'm sure more information will be released later on. I'm not sure I'll be too interested in knowing more than I do now. I hate broken relationship stories-- they're very sad to me.

Microsoft Buys Skype for $8.5 Billion Dollars

Wow, this was news to me. But it's not all that surprising. Apple is ruling right now as the America's biggest brand. Steve Jobs has taken a dying company, and converted it into the telecommunication and computing giant it is today-- possibly thanks to putting an "i" in front of their product names. Well, not that they are ONLY just a snappy name-- they have created the most iconic tech tools (and toys) in the world today! Think about it-- what was the cell phone before the iPhone? What was the portable music system before the iPod? What was portable computing before the iPad? Let's not forget that each of these devices now has a camera on it, which can be used with their Face Time software-- which means Jetson's time!

This stuff can actually be done RIGHT NOW! Nearly every one of you has a camera on your computer and can, with whatever software you use, can talk to other people who have cameras on their computers! And what do most people use to communicate through their computers? Skype. I just downloaded Skype a few weeks ago, but I am yet to use it. I know many people on Facebook, however, that do use it-- and have used it for years!

Now that Microsoft has bought it...I think we're going to see the next step towards that Jetson's telecom future. Imagine that XBox Kinect will  have a Skype app. When that happens, we should all rename our dogs "Astro"! Now, all we have to do is perfect the flying car...

David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee

Now, if I remember correctly, artist/musician/filmmaker David Lynch likes to sit in a Denny's with a cup of coffee and jot down ideas on napkins. I like that idea-- of being able to write in a diner or cafe or something. I've tried it, but it's not for me-- I get too goddamn distracted by people-watching. Personally, I find that I write best with headphones blasting Stereolab's "Dots and Loops" album--  my go-to tool for getting a good, solid 45 minutes of uninterrupted writing done. I do, however, like to enjoy a cup of coffee, or three while working. Since I do almost all of my writing in the morning, it's perfect to have good coffee!

So now, one of America's greatest filmmakers has a brand of coffee available for you to purchase! He has developed a method that allowed him to narrow down his favorite roasts and beans, and has put his name on it, with the help of Java Distribution. The result? I have no idea, because I only just heard about it. I'll have to give it a try, then I'll write a review maybe. I don't really write reviews about coffee, so...that's that.

Here's a commercial Mr. Lynch made for his coffee. It's just awesome:

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Follow the Woman: Christian Amanpour Called Bin Laden's Location 3 Years Ago

I have to admit that I am not feeling the seismic shift that the death of Osama Bin Laden has brought out of many Americans. When I saw the video of the people cheering in the streets, I just...I dunno, I wasn't THAT happy. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that murdering, spoiled, rich-kid douchebag is dead-- but it's nothing that I would want to take to the streets. Celebrating a death that boisterously is a bit odd to me. American's have an odd history of celebrating the death of undesirables. That always seemed barbarous to me.

Anyway, when they announced that Bin Laden had "bin hidin'" is a mansion/compound in Pakistan, I immediately remembered someone in the press saying that he was hiding in some villa in Pakistan...but I couldn't remember who said it! Now I know. This weekend on Real Time, Bill Maher showed this clip while discussing the Pakistan issue:

I hadn't realized how long ago that was-- 3 years ago! This was 3-4 years after he moved into that "villa". And I love how everyone talks over and through her revelation-- not that I don't love Garry Shandling, or Bill Maher's need to squeeze out yet another Sarah Palin joke. But hey, what did they know? What did any of them know? Every one of us had this vision of Osama as this sickly dialysis patient, some cave-dwelling troll-- like Gollum. We were all told by the experts that he was irrelevant to the amorphous entity known as "Al Qaida". George Bush said that he didn't spend a lot of time thinking about him. It took the CIA over 7 years to acquire an actionable lead, and 2 years since Barack Obama decided to act on that lead. All the while, Mrs. Amanpour practically had the damn address!

That's kind of a puzzling thing, though. Did Amanpour think that lead was credible? Or did she just figure it was additional folklore about America's "greatest enemy" (that is, besides a bankrupt education system, misguided health care, and piss-poor infrastructure). Maybe she did not believe that her source really, truly had the proper info. May she DID approach the Bush Administration with this information, and they just didn't bother following up on it. How could anyone NOT KNOW where this guy was-- and don't even get me started about Pakistan and their ISI-- you mean to tell me that this guy lived less than 2 miles away from your national military academy, in a town inhabited primarily by former and current military and intelligence officials...YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT NO ONE KNEW BIN LADEN WAS THERE?! You can get fired from McDonald's for far less incompetence than this-- there is no fucking excuse for this...UNLESS you are a part of the problem, then it makes perfect sense.

I guess the reason why Obama wanted to spend that 2 years of investigation is so that he could, in fact, sort through all the bullshit to get the most current and important intel possible. The thing that I think of is all the squandered time, money, energy and lives that it took to fight a war against a guy that we DID NOT ENGAGE-- and, in fact, let thrive and flourish! When you think that it took 40 minutes to take out a guy that we've started 2 wars for, over 10 years's a bit depressing. It's horrible how quickly, easily, and abundantly we throw money at war, while our people get increasing uneducated, financially deficient and helplessly dependent on a system that wants to keep you down-- that NEEDS to keep you down in order to feed the top 2%.

Now that Bin Laden is dead...well, we still have a bit more time of sorting through information and analyzing it. I think most Americans, however, have all the information they need: OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD. That's all they every wanted-- a revenge killing.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Dead

Boy, nothin' like wakin' up to THIS kind of news!

Well, this apparently happened last night-- I believe it was announced at about 10-10:30pm. It's said in the news media that when a presidential press conference is called at this time, it usually means that there is some foreign policy news to announce. It seems that of all the things going on the world, no one expected the death of America's Enemy #1 Osama bin Laden! FINALLY, right? After what...10 years of hiding or whatever, our intelligence and military tracked him down to a huge compound/mansion in Abbotabad, Pakistan (a suburb of their capital Islamabad). US Navy Seals managed to infiltrate the compound, then got into a fire-fight with Bin Laden and others after they resisted,  which led to Bin Laden getting shot in his left eye, killing him.

Sounds like a movie, doesn't it? Elite team of soldiers go in to find America's top enemy...'s the kind of thing that makes a hero out of men. I'm not sure if there's a chance that the team that finally "punched bin Laden's dialysis ticket" will ever be revealed, but if they are-- they'll be plastered on television, read about it books, seen in movies with actors like Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio. And all this time, many people actually thought he was dead...!

Well, we know that Bush had said that he didn't really think about Bin Laden much. Imagine-- if the President of the United States says that he's not thinking about capturing the man that is said to have masterminded the greatest terrorist attack on American soil...and on HIS would think that this evil, evil man was of no real threat or danger. But Bush's tenure in office came and went, and he failed to either capture or kill the man that attacked out country. The man, mind you, that he was WARNED ABOUT less than one month before the 9/11 attacks.

Now enters Barack Obama-- the man that many people did not want to elect, ironically enough, because they thought his named sounded too much like Osama (idiots). Within a few months after taking the oath of office, he put forward an investigation into a new plan to find bin Laden and bring him to justice-- dead or alive. It took two years of following one lead that took up to 8 years to get it, via interrogations from Abu Gharib (is this why when Obama ended up keeping Guantanamo Bay open?) . That lead was a nickname of a courier that worked for bin Laden. It took them nearly 2 years to get the real name of this person, and track him down to the compound where bin Laden was located. Friday night, President Obama gave the order to move in.

Two helicopters with two US Navy Seal teams flew into the compound around 1am Pakistan time. One of the helicopters had even crash landed at the site, but no one was hurt. Forty minutes later, the Seals piled into the remaining helicopter with the body of Osama bin Laden. The body was then inspected to confirm the identification, and blood was extracted for DNA testing. Then they buried him at sea.

Now, I thought it was kind of odd that they would bury him at sea, and so quickly at that. Apparently, it's Islamic law that a body needs to be buried within 24 hours of death. Also, there was a fear that setting up a burial site for bin Laden would only serve as a shrine to future terrorists. As if they need a shrine-- the man is forever a martyr at this point.

Again, I missed this last night-- I was going to bed by the time this was announced. Other people were up, though:

What's unclear to me is when these people actually heard about the news, then took to the streets to celebrate. I guess this must have been within 20-30 minutes of the announcement? I mean, if I had heard about this, would I have time to grab my American flag and get down there to celebrate? Well, I don't even have an American flag, so I guess that's not a fair question.

Well, there's not much else to report at this point. I'm sure more news will come out as the days and weeks continue. In the meantime, yeah...bin Laden is dead. Can you believe it? I guess that means Obama will be a two-term president after all. And no, I don't believe that this is a ploy to get Obama re-elected. Anyone who follows politics knows that the Squad of Losers competing of the GOP nomination will not stand a chance against Obama. I will say that the one thing that bothers me is the fact that Pakistani officials claim that they had no idea bin Laden was is Abbotabad-- which is a mere 2 hours from Islamabad. It wasn't like bin Laden was held up in a shack in the woods somewhere-- this guy was staying in a HUGE mansion- no phones were allowed, and all garbage was to be burned. Hiding in plain sight. So...I guess Pakistan has got some 'splainin' to do.

This is a pretty big deal-- big news. When you've got Dick Cheney congratulating you, that's both spooky and impressive. Now that the boogie man is dead...who do we have next to fear and hate?

UPDATE: By the way, this picture is a fake--

Also-- earlier in the day, if you looked up "buried at sea" on Wikipedia, it listed US Navy personnel eligibility for a free burial at sea. Guess who made the list?

They've since removed his name.