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Monday, April 25, 2011

Wii 2: Project Cafe

So, it's starting sooner than I had expected! It's been reported by a variety of sources that Nintendo is set to announce their newest gaming console in June at this year's E3, with a release date of sometime in 2012...or possibly as early as October of this year(!). I didn't think we'd see another next gen console at least until about 2014, so this was surprising to me. What's even more surprising is the approach that Nintendo seems to be taking.

What I've been reading so far is that this new system may be called "Nintendo Stream"-- does that mean they'll drop the "Wii" name altogether? It is said to be a rather large system, around the size of the original XBox console. The most notable thing is the change in controller. It looks like a PS3 controller mashed up with a Nintendo DS. In fact, they say that this new controller, with it's 6.5" screen, will be a touchscreen controller of some sort-- possibly emulating an over-sized DS experience(?). This kind of looks like the old Dreamcast controller:

So, are these guys totally abandoning motion control? Or is this just a new way to play games, in addition to the traditional Wii-mote? I can't imagine that they would just move away completely from a brand that they've built into this gaming empire! Especially since Sony and Microsoft released their motion controllers within the last year or so.

I hope they're not moving away from motion. I still haven't even had my hands on XBox Kinect yet! I don't that this will replace what's going on today. I think if anything, these controller will be a way to really tap into the mobile gaming market, and merging that with home consoles. Sure, they have the 3DS...but maybe they want to do what they tried to do initially by integrating the DS with the Wii. I mean, the only thing I've done with the two is download demos from the Wii to the DS. So I dunno-- I'm very curious to see where this goes.


Nintendo just announced at E3 that the new Wii 2 will be called "Wii U". Click here for more...

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