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Friday, April 1, 2011

Snookie Vs. Toni Morrison: The Idiots Are Winning

Well, ladies and appears that the anti-intellectual movement in America is continuing to gain momentum. It's not funny, people-- this is entirely fucked up, and scary. Every day that goes by, our collective brain-cell count is dropping, and I become more convinced of the fact that Mike Judge's movie Idiocracy is the harbinger of things to come; it's so prophetic, it's frightening.

Case-in-point, Rutgers University recently hired reality show personality Snooki of MTV's televised shit-show Jersey Shore, and paid her $32,000 to talk about her life experience in a presentation they called "Inside the Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi Studio". Students apparently lined up for hours to get one of 1,000 wristbands offered to see this platypus talk about who-the-fuck-knows what.

Under normal circumstances, I'd say hey...if that's what they want to spend their money on, so be it. If they think that listening to her open and close her gum-snapping trap is worth $32,000, that's their problem. What value that would serve students is beyond me. Unfortunately, this story does not end here, because they also hired a keynote speaker and only paid them $30,000. That speaker is Nobel and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Toni Morrison. Yeah, that's right-- they paid Snooki more than they paid Morrison. What. The. Fuck?

So, this is how it's all going to end, people. Anyone that values intelligence and wisdom is going to get buried by tanning, drinking, empty-headed idiots. How many students do you think were lined up to get their wristband to listen to Toni Morrison speak? How many of those students do you think even KNOW who Toni Morrison is? I'm guessing that there will be a few empty seats in the theater that day. Nothing against Mrs. Morrison, but wisdom like hers is clearly being wasted on a generation that idolizes the lowest common denominator.

How did this happen? How did we become a nation that worships idiocy? How can politicians like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann have such a following for knowing NOTHING? How did this country come to devalue education? I think that the dumbing down of America has become a necessity for the powers that be. An educated populous makes it much more difficult to get away with anything. The lack of a proper education and the propagation of misinformation and flat-out bullshit keeps the profits high and the motivation to change your life low. This mentality goes back to the slave era in America. At one point, slaves were allowed to read. But then the slaves got hip to the bullshit, and started to organize and fight back. When the whites beat them back, they made a new law: keep the slaves illiterate-- and the ones that can read...kill them!

Granted, I'm not comparing the over-paying of Snooki to the African slave trade-- but when you have our universities making decisions like this, to treat so-called celebrities as well as, or better than, our intellectuals...THAT is a problem. It's a horrifying problem. So, what has to happen now? Does Mrs. Morrison have to change her name to T.Mo, get drunk in public, and flash her tits and her cooch around to get photographed and plastered all over the media? Is that what our intellectuals have to do to get ANY respect?

When we start treating talentless celebrities better than our talented artists, we've got problems. When we start paying more attention to loud and stupid politicians and pundits, and ignore those public officials that bring smart solutions, and the thoughtful commentators that trumpet them...we are fucked.

That's when it's time to ask for the check.

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Spade said...

Going from the greats of russian literature to Toni Morrison is like going from a steak BBQ'd to perfection to a week old McDonald's hamburger you found on the ground at a bus shelter.