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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

R..A..E..D..: "Still Flowin'" the Movie!

Why the fuck did they bomb Beruit, eh?
Tell me, why the fuck did they bomb those Jews, eh?
Why the fuck do I spray like this, I play like this, huh?
And why the fuck does Jay-Z choose to ignore me, bro?

Wow, man. First "8-Mile", now this!

Melborne rapper R..A..E..(to the mutha fuckin')..D has a movie coming out this year! "commming soooon", as the trailer announces, set to stream from their website on Halloween, it's "R..A..E..D..: Still Flowin'", the movie!

He's been at the game for 10 years, bird. He's 32 years, man-- where's his fuckin' prime at, bird? And why is Jay-Z not up on this guy? Hey man-- why are you ignorin' RAED?

Can you believe this? This is on par with that horrible movie "The Room". See, the problem I have with "The Room" is that it's not good...on ANY level. I know it's got this cult following, but I just don't get it-- it's not even good on a good/bad level! It's painful to watch, in fact. The same goes for this "Still Flowin'" thing. This guy's music videos are awkward and sphincter-tightening themselves...but to sit through an entire movie made like this?

I really can't tell if these guys are just pulling our chains here. I mean, there is just NO WAY that he could be serious about being this rapper. If it's a joke, then it's getting a bit stale. But if this guy is bad in the way that Ed Wood is bad...this movie will be a thing of cult epic beauty.

So mark your calendars...10/31/11...Still Flowin', with R..A..E..D..


UPDATE: They took down the original trailer. Here's the new one:

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