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Monday, April 18, 2011

Marilyn Davenport & Obama's Monkey Family

Oh come now, ladies and gentlemen. Are we really surprised by this? Some racist white tea bagger broad sent this image above out to her friends-- with the quote "Now you know why no birth certificate"...and now she's in trouble.

This idiot's name is Marylin Davenport. She's a teabagger activist from Southern California, and member of the central committee of the Orange County Republican party. This is the same twat that defended Los Alamitos mayor Dean Grose for sending out a racist email he sent out depicting a watermelon patch in front of the White House-- with the quote "No Easter egg hunt this year."

Not-for-nothin', but I've never really found white racist humor very funny. And that's not because I'm black-- I don't even find this bullshit offensive. It just seems to me that this is just like a kid laughing at fart jokes. I've been around white people telling Asian jokes, Jew jokes, Mexican jokes-- and none of the jokes are very funny. I think the thing that makes racial humor funny is the fact that you are making fun of racists. You're laughing at them, not with them. It's kind of odd because you have this subculture of morons that finds this kind of shit funny...meanwhile, everyone else is just looking at these retards wondering how they have the brain power to tie their shoe laces.

It's just so hard to get offended by this trash. I think black folks, for the most part, won't get offended by this. Why? Because we're used to it. It's like that one tooth that aches every few months, or that zit that just keeps popping up right on the tip of your nose, or the gnat that hovers over your plate. I guess there are certain white people that need to remind others of their ilk that there was once a time when these upitty niggers knew their place-- and wouldn't it be nice to be there once again? This is all they've got now-- stupid racist emails.

The really stupid thing is how these people try to disavow any responsibility for getting caught passing these things around. It's "Oh, I didn't know it was racist" or "It's just a joke-- I have black friends!" or "If I offended anyone, I am sorry". That always kills me-- "If I offended anyone", if a black politician sent out an email depicting white stereotypes, they'd wanna hang that coon from a tree!

It's just like if Congressman James Clyborn sent these emails out to his friends:

The caption: "Which one's the dog?" Or "3 Blonde bitches" Or "Miss White America Pageant!"

How about this one:

Caption:  "Old Michele Bachmann photo"

And last, but not least:

"White Trash Pasties!" 
(I Photoshoped that one myself-- teehee!)

These assholes are going to continue to exist. Let's just face it-- there are always going to be racist white folks, and they will have access to computers and Photoshop or other things that normal people have. And they are going to make stupid jpgs to send to their friends. So be it. These are the things that society's cowards do. Emails like this never really hurt anyone. If, however, you are an elected official, and you are sending out this like should lose your job. Period. While most intelligent people would like to think that personal and professional politics should not mix...racism is more than just a personal politic-- it's your life. Especially when you would send these kinds of emails to other so-called professionals. Poor judgement should disqualify you from most jobs.

So let's not get upset about all of this. Don't get mad-- get Photoshop! And be creative-- one thing that white racists are not is very creative!

UPDATE: Okay, one more picture:

It's the RNC Convention featuring leading Republican Candidates!
(That's Bachmann, Pawlenty, Romney, Palin-- I Photoshopped this one too!)

Pass it on...!


Office said...

So, did you think this was racist when it was going around?

Charles A. Conyers, Jr. said...

Ah-- the old George Bush/Curious George defense. Yes, I saw that when it first floated around. I believe there were several different comparison images on one page-- each with the monkey photos in similar positions with similar facial expressions to George W. Bush. The thing about the Bush/Monkey comparison is that it's not race-based. There is no racial stereotype or slur that compares white people to monkeys-- which I don't understand because I've seen some insanely hairy white guys in my day-- big-foot hairy!

Comparing blacks to monkeys is one of the oldest of slurs. I beat up a kid in grade school because he called my cousin a "black ape". He didn't say that because my cousin looks like an ape-- she does not. He said it because he wanted to call her hurtful name...and he knew that a racial slur would hurt the most.

It's very common for white people to try to find excuses to justify this garbage. It seems as if whites are just so desperate to deflect accusation of being racist-- ESPECIALLY when addressing something that is clearly inspired by racist views. I've said it once, I'll say it a billion times-- I don't care that people are racists. If you wanna be a toothless moron, that's on you. But OWN IT. Be a fuckin' man (or woman), and own up to your views. Don't hide behind cowardice and bullshit-- you put it out there...DEFEND IT!

moejoe2 said...

Its to bad that you people can't see past your noses. Yes the photo ,"Obama monkey family is bad". But you excuse yourselves from the fact that some black people are also racist, but let's not call it like it is. Would you rather "Whitey" didn't have black friends? Or what about the Chris Rocks and the rest of the Black comedians who call their own the "N" word. Cut the B.S. racism is in every culture and it will never end as long as there are Rev. Wrights !!

Charles A. Conyers, Jr. said...

Wow, moejoe2-- that was written like someone that not only has no perspective of American history, but someone who is EASILY offended in the face of criticism. You've made that mistake, actually-- comparing racism to criticism. I, for one, have NEVER used the word "Whitey" or "cracker" or "honkey", or any other terms like that. I don't need to. I am probably the furthest thing from a racist that you could EVER possibly imagine. You say that because I can articulate my frustrations with racist white folks-- and that's the point. I am ONLY taking about racists.

And let's talk about racists for a moment. Yes, you're right-- there ARE racists among all ethnicities. But to pretend that white folks do not have a history of systemic racial behavior is really foolish. According to your raging sensitivities, however, anyone that brings that up is ALSO considered a racist. Dumb.

To suggest that white folks that use racist rhetoric are above reproach is silly. These things happened in the past, and they will CONTINUE to happen. And as long as they DO happen, I will talk about it.

When you grow up black in this country, you hear many stories from your elders about the craziness they've had to deal with in regards to white racists. My dad, my mother, my grandparents, aunts, uncles-- they ALL have stories about being called "niggers" and "coons" by white folks that they didn't even know! Even I have had white kids shouting "nigger" at me-- granted, it was from a moving car...which goes to show you the cowardice of these idiots.

As for your issues with Chris Rock and other black comedians using the word "nigger"-- again, you are speaking as someone that has ZERO perspective of American history-- and you read like someone that more-than-likely has NO black friends whatsoever. If you did, you wouldn't make stupid assertations like that. I would explain it all to you, but you don't care. You merely just signed up for Blogger JUST so you could leave an inarticulate post. It's a shame. If I thought for a minute that you were really interested in learning something, I would take the time discuss these things with you.

It has always been difficult for me to discuss race with people like you. You immediately take the defensive, and assume that when I speak about racist white folks, you think I'm talkling about you. I will say to you what I say to the FEW people I have to have this conversation with; IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU! If you're not a racist, then I am not talking about you! There is a LARGE difference between criticism and racism.

Anonymous said...

I think it's perfectly stereotypical and I like it!

Anonymous said...

At present, there are 39 dead presidents waiting to roll back over in their graves in 2016!