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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Government Shut Down in Four Words: I BLAME THE REPUBLICANS

You don't have to go far to come to that conclusion. John "boner", Eric Can't -or(won't), and his gang of GOPricks are in full political-douchebaggery mode in their efforts to win elections and screw the American people.

The second government shut-down deadline this year is looming-- coming this Friday, April 8th. It seems as if the Dems and the GOP are still not able (or willing) to compromise on a way to properly balance the budget. Now that the country broke, the Republicans want to act as if they are interested in getting us out of the situation they created. NOW they are interested in spending long as it doesn't effect their corporate masters. 

I see the biggest problem being on the Republican side of things, as they are trying to appease these idiot teabaggers. Those people want these insane cuts that will hurt a lot of people. They want to do things like defunding Planned Parenthood and NPR-- cuts that would only amount to barely 1/10 of what would be required to make any real impact. Republicans in general want to cut things like education and health care-- you know, things that would benefit 90% of Americans.

So now,  I predict that John "boner" will let these teabaggers make a fool out of him. I think that, strategically, they don't have much going for them in 2012-- the Republicans NEED votes, and they need them BADLY. The teabaggers, according to the latest polling, are becoming less and less popular with Americans. They are becoming a liability. So Mr. Orange-Tan needs to make a decision on what he's going to do about this teabagger problem; he's either going to listen to them, or ignore them. I think he's desperate enough to listen to them. The only shining light in all of this is that during the low turn-out during that teabagger march on Washington back on the 31st of March. Had there been thousands upon thousands of people there...he would definitely be swayed to listen. But again, since the 2010 elections, there are teabaggers in the Congress...and they can literally make or break any decisions "boner" makes. And again..."boner" LOVES votes...!

The 'baggers want $67 billion cut from the budget. The current budget proposal is at $33 billion. So, unless the Democrats are will to make drastic cuts in education, unemployment, and environmental aide...they're gonna shut it all down. And if they shut it down, the nation's economy will get it's ass kicked AGAIN. See, this is why these 'baggers are so stupid-- they are willing to put this nation back to square one with a second recession because they are absolutely unwilling to compromise on cuts that would actually fuel the economy! But that would mean that the teabaggers would have to think about the future of this country as opposed to ignoring anything that stretches beyond the noses on their faces.

...and personally, I wouldn't expected the teabaggers to use wisdom or perspective. So that means...GOVERNMENT SHUT DOWN!!!!!

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