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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eli Porter: Da Best Mayne

Surely you all know who Eli Porter is. You don't?

Well, before the "Bedroom Intruder", Mr. Porter was one of the hottest MEMEs on the web. This was a kid who participated in a rap battle for a high school public access channel, in a show called "Iron Mic". On the show, Eli was to battle Envy in a freestyle rap competition. It was your typical battle-- Marv-o, the host, introduced Envy and he did his thing. Up next, Eli Porter. And that's when something very inappropriate happened.

I had an office mate at the time who told me about this video, and I had no idea what he was talking about. Maybe a month or two  after he brought it up, he played it for someone that was visiting our office. We sat with our back to each other, so I really wasn't sure what he was watching. All I know is that when I heard Eli start rapping...I started laughing. I laughed HARD. I then turned around to look at what was going on. That's when I first saw him...and then I was convinced that I was going to hell ( or something like it-- I'm not religious, but that's another conversation).

It would appear that Mr. Porter may be developmentally challenged. I had no idea until I watched the video again. Then it became clear-- he is. If he is not, then I would be absolutely shocked; his speech and body language definitely confirms some sort of disorder. Then I felt kind of bad about laughing. But when you listen to what he's saying-- the gay bashing, the bitch-talking, etc...I know I didn't feel all that bad about laughing.

Eli's episode of Iron Mic became an all-out internet sensation. His performance has had MILLIONS of viewers, and dozens of remixes. The best of which, in my opinion, are from a YouTube user named Heli0s2003:

That's some pure gold right there.

If you're wondering why I'm writing about all of this, it's because I was notified on my Facebook page that today is his birthday. Apparently, I friended him, or someone that made a page for him. I'm not really sure-- but it's a blast-from-the-past for me to look back on this phenomena. I haven't really thought about Mr. Porter since 2008, and now...I wonder what he's been up to......

Well, that's what the internets are for:

Here is an interview he did with Mistah FAB (who?) from Quality+Control Marketing:

Seems as if there needs to be some quality control with their audio equipment.

I also found this-- a trailer released in 2010 for a film that is being made about Eli called "People's Champion":

So, it seems as if Mr. Porter has been working his way back into our field of view. Or rather, interested people have been hunting him down to get the real story about the kid in from the Iron Mic rap battle on You Tube.

He's da best, Mayne...he deeeeeeed it.

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