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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Victoria Jackson: Bigot

I just found out that Victoria Jackson has a column in the Right Wing, numb-skulled WorldNetDaily website. The only surprise there is that she writes. As Jackson has put herself back into the spotlight outside of the D-list status, she has reinvented her public persona as a birther and teabagger nut job. It's been intriguing and amusing to hear that voice of hers say things that are a perfect match for that shrill, empty-headed sound that has been her trademark since her days at SNL. You can't help but hear that voice as you read through some of her WND stuff.

Recently, she's made news for making homophobic comments about the show "Glee". I'm not a "Glee" fan, so I don't care too much about that-- it's the ignorant, religious-based homophobia that I have a problem with. It's the same idiotic rhetoric that we have all heard before from people that use The Bible as a way to rationalize bigotry.

The remarks that she made about "Glee" were a part of a column that she wrote called "The Muslim Next Door." Just to give you an example of how pathetically ignorant this woman is, this is the very first line that she wrote:

"Frankly, I'm afraid to say anything about Muslims. Why? Because they kill people."

Not unlike those Christians, right Victoria? The assholes that bomb abortion clinics, and kill politicians, and molest children-- these are the righteous and the holy that your God loves, right?  Man, what a fucking retard.

The rest of her disgusting screed involves a lot of "End of Days" talk about the Middle East-- the typical fairy tales that these people buy into as fact. All of this brought on by their imaginary sky-friend. She also makes the typical silly claims about "liberal media" manipulation, Obamacare, men kissing on the mouth (about which, she writes: "Everyone knows that two men on a wedding cake is a comedy skit, not an "alternate lifestyle"!). As a former Hollywood "star", I wonder how many of her so-called gay friends (which she says she has a lot of) will be her friend anymore? Not even the gay ones-- the straight ones as well! Homophobia and religious bigotry does not really fly in the Business of Show. Doesn't matter-- it's not as if she's really been working anyway.

I think one of my favorite parts of her stupid article is that she quotes Glenn Beck, of ALL PEOPLE, near the end, who had said recently that the "Truth has no agenda." Most of the Right Wing seem to think that Beck is THE ONLY PERSON that has said that. The actual quote is "The Truth is the only thing you'll run into that has no agenda," and it has been traced back to a "spiritual teacher" named Adyashanti. Besides, Beck's so-called truth has an agenda; it's to make Glenn Beck rich, and America stupid.

As long as there are morons like Victoria Jackson out their, the sane, rational, intelligent people of The United States of America will always have something to gauge their own truth's against. The truth is, people like this are dangerously ignorant, misinformed, and uneducated-- and completely and totally worthy of our belligerence and mockery. What else do you expect, when you bring garbage to the table, do you expect to be rewarded or praised? You get in what you put out. People like Jackson, and Beck, and Palin, and Gingrich, and the others have proven time and time again that they deserve all the scorn and disrespect that they try to shovel out at the rest of us.

PS: this is where you can read Miss Jackson's bullshit.

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