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Monday, March 21, 2011

Sarah Palin in India

America's Pretty Dumb Shit is adding some weight to her foreign travel resume, and is visiting India on a "My Mouth and My Brain Don't Connect" tour.

Sarah Palin delivered the keynote at The 10th Annual India Today Conclave in New Delhi, and went about doing what she does best; making inarticulate, clumsy, intellectually lazy remarks. Among those remarks, she made a statement about Barrack Obama that goes against American political courtesy. It is widely known that politicians visiting overseas do NOT make disparaging comments about the Commander-in-Chief. That is the etiquette, and everybody knows it-- even Sarah Palin. But, this is what she said anyway:

"I won’t criticize what [Obama's] foreign policy has been. But certainly there would have been more decisiveness...less dithering, more decisiveness."
There's no nice way to say it; this woman is retarded. Really? He's dithering, Sarah? Just like you are whenever anyone asks you if you're running for President?
"I don’t think there needs to be a rush still to declare yourself."
Yeah, good one. Just like every other Republican coward out there that talks a BIG game, but refuses to commit-- waiting around to see who will be the first to throw their hat into the ring! All this coming from a half-term governor. More like a half-wit...

But her idiocy didn't stop there. She also talked about how bad, and evil the "mainstream media" is. Right. It's the "mainstream media's" fault that stupidity comes out of your mouth. It's the "mainstream media's" fault that you haven't an ounce of intellectual curiosity, yet you decide to put yourself out there-- IN PUBLIC-- to voice your opinions on issues that you know VERY LITTLE, if anything, about. You get out of the media what you put INTO it. If you put garbage out there...guess what you're gonna get back? Go ahead, and guess? Rainbows, you say? Gentle ass-kisses, you say? Nope!

I also loved her "My faith is not in big government but in people..." line. This whole "Big Government/Small Government" issues is such a waste of energy. The size of government doesn't matter-- it's the TYPE of government that matters! It's "GOOD" government, versus "BAD" government. Currently, the way that both the Democrats and the Republicans prefer is "BAD". The party is irrelevant-- both sides believe in subsidies for rich industries, abdicating power of government to corporations, and ONLY putting in effort in GETTING ELECTED! Seriously, all these people do for a living is campaign!

You know what else she said? She said, basically, that Green Energy technologies are a waste of time because they are not (currently) economically fruitful-- and that more money should go into oil exploration. OF COURSE SHE DID! She also claimed that Obama's Green Energy policies have done more to kill jobs than create them. And (get ready for this) Obama's policies are responsible for the high oil prices. Yeah-- not the recent uprisings and turmoil in the Middle East-- that has absolutely no bearing on oil prices. And yes, creating new jobs in new energy exploration are just KILLING all those oil jobs, aren't they? Where the f**k does this vapid bimbo get this shit?!

I'm sorry, I just cannot be nice about this person. I cannot find a silver lining in that thick skull of hers. Being smug and confident, and not having the education to back it up, can make ANYONE look and sound stupid. This woman is an embarrassment-- truly! She's popular because she's pretty, and she's got a good amount of sass. THAT'S IT. She is a GOP superstar, and that's great for her! If that's who t hey want representing their values and ideas, good for them-- they will get slaughtered in 2012. No one elected Barrack Obama because he has a nice ass, or sexy ears, or a smooth walk. People want to listen to Palin because she's a cute MILF with an attitude. I've said it once, and I'll say it again: if she was a fugly cow...NO ONE would be listening to her. That's a fact. When was the last time a physically unattractive person got your attention in a positive way? That's what I thought.

So now, Palin has one more stamp in her passport.  Good for her. Let's just hope ignorance isn't as contagious overseas as it is here.

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